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  1. The user created crop presets do not move the crop guides like the built in presets do, or like they did in 1.6.5. This is an issue that's been reported in a few other threads (see below) in releases after 1.6.5 to 1.8.0 betas. It was reported to be fixed in the 1.8.0 GM release, but it seems to be back. https://forum.affinity.serif.com/index.php?/topic/81215-fixed-user-created-crop-tool-presets-have-no-effect-170258/ https://forum.affinity.serif.com/index.php?/topic/87288-the-user-created-crop-presets-dont-seem-to-work-properly/ https://forum.affinity.serif.com/index.php?/topic/96392-user-created-crop-tool-presets-have-no-effect-172471/ https://forum.affinity.serif.com/index.php?/topic/94979-crop-problem-still-not-fixed/
  2. Excellent, can't wait to try the 1.8 release, I've been looking forward to the performance improvements!
  3. @MEB Just curious, is this still an outstanding issue in the newer versions? Id like to upgrade from 1.6.5, but with no easy way to roll back, I dont want to mess up my currently working 1.6.5 install. Thanks!
  4. Are the cropping issues reported in these threads fixed in 1.8? I don't see them mentioned in the changelogs for 1.8 (or unfortunately 1.7.3). Id love to use the new version, but I've gone back to 1.6.5 as the cropping problems make the newer version a no-go:
  5. I run a lot of batch conversions, but typically from afphoto files, and I havent noticed that. My workflow typically goes: Canon DPP to convert RAW to TIFF (16 bit), then batch convert in AP to afphoto, edit, then convert to JPEG. If you have Canon DPP available, Id convert a RAW file there, then see if the batch processor changes exposure. If it doesnt, then bug confirmed.
  6. There have been a lot of changes to the crop tool in 1.7 (I lost my presets too, and the presets in 1.7 don't work like I need them to either). The way you (and I) used the presets, the new tool wants to be set to "unconstrained", which in 1.7 wont let you save as a preset. Hopefully they are working on it, but If you need things to work like before, you may have to roll back to 1.6.5, which I plan on doing for now since I have some jobs coming up and I need it to just work! I wish we could install them side by side, because other than this, the performance of 1.7 is quite good. Note: Any afphoto file you save in 1.7 cant be edited by older versions, keep that in mind if you roll back.
  7. Ah yes, thats what I need, an Absolute preset. I had quite a few in 1.6.5, they do make the editing process easier.
  8. Seconded, I'm missing this as well in 1.7.2. Hopefully in the next update, I really don't want to have to roll back to 1.6.5 for a second time; I really do enjoy the performance of the new version, but for a large image set, the crop tool without my presets would just really slow me down.
  9. After looking at it a bit more, I understand what the option should do, I think the confusion comes in is from the guide "behavior". If you select resample and change the entries by keying, the guides dont move like they did in 1.6 to show you the end result. Custom ratio moves the guides, but not in a way that makes any sense, "the ratio" is in pixels, and the guides dont really show you what the results will be. The only option that works as I expect is Unconstrained, but it wont let me save that as a preset! Thats the option Id use the most in my edits when cropping, so thats now a bit of a time sink in 1.7.
  10. Sure, see attached. The numbers change, but the guides do not. I also noticed while doing this, that the crop tool seems to select the previously selected size automatically (see the History list on the second image, It already says Apply Preset. I had to roll it back). Its the exact same behavior I noted in a previous beta version (see posts), which was fixed, but now it seems off again.:
  11. I think a bug from has returned, I just upgraded from 1.6.5 to 1.7.2, and recreated a few crop presets that arent carried over during the upgrade, but none of them actually do anything. This is a repeat of the bugs reported in these threads: [Fixed] User Created Crop Tool Presets have no effect - The user created crop presets dont seem to work properly
  12. I'm curious, what was the behavior of the Crop Tool in 1.6.5. Did cropping also resample the image? Also, I noticed that you cant save Unconstrained Crop sizes as Presets in Is that by design?
  13. Well, its probably not that critical. If I still have the issue after reinstalling 1.7, Ill record it then. I just imported the settings from the most recent beta because there was no other way to get my presets I had saved in 1.6 into 1.7.
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