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  1. I have reported in this forum a feature, that existed in version 1.6.x and was removed in version 1.7.x, see: "Presets in the Crop Tool with fixed pixel sizes do not work any longer" I consider removing a feature, that users have relied upon before and then has been taken away, as something that is even more severe than a bug. I'm disappointed, that the developers have not used the chance to bring it back in 1.7.3. I'm also disappointed, that no one from Serif is even making a statement, whether they have any intentions to bring it back and when this could be expected. I'm waiting now since several month and have to live with a time consuming workaround to crop my images to fixed pixel dimensions (i.e. enter the values manually again and again). Without any perspective, I would probably have to look for a different tool. I would appreciate, if Serif is finally giving an answer to this issue.
  2. OK. I understand that in the meantime. I still consider the "Resample" mode inside the crop tool as quite confusing. In Photoshop, that is a function by its own, independent from cropping. But that is actually not my issue. My issue is, that it is not possible any longer to save presets of absolute pixel sizes. Please, from now on, lets focus on that one. I actually have only one question, where I expect an answer in this forum from Serif: Do they bring this function back, and when will that be?
  3. This is my original image, which I want to crop. The original pixel size is 3872 x 2592 px, as shown in the tool bar. I want to crop this to 3192 x 2128 px. So, I call the crop tool. Please note there, that the tool is in "Unconstrained" mode and populates the pixel size boxes with 3872 x 2581,3. That is strange. Why this weird number "2581,3"? This looks like a bug to me. It should be the original size 2592px. I have previously created a few crop presets. One preset is "3192 x 2128" with 3192 px x 2128 px and 72 DPI. As the tool does not allow me to create presets in "Unconstrained" mode, I have chosen the "Resample" mode. I can store absolute pixel sizes here as a preset. So, I choose my preset "3192 x 2128". This is what I get, after I selected the preset. The tool reports 3192 px x 2128 px at 72 DPI. But the crop box on top of the image is unchanged. When I click on "Apply", then just a few pixels get cropped at the top and bottom, and the image has now the size 3192 x 2128. This is the end result. Technically, this is also cropping, as a few lines of pixels at the top and bottom of the image have been removed. What this "resample" function is actually doing, is to change the pixel sizes of the image without actually cropping the image (except those few pixel lines). This is very confusing and should not be called "Crop". This is "resizing" or "resampling" the image, but this is not "cropping". What do I actually want? I want to create a preset in "Unconstrained" mode with the pixel size 3192 x 2128. The DPI is of no interest here. After I selected this preset, the crop box shall be placed on top of the image, as shown in the next screenshot. I then click on "Apply" and get the crop that I want. It is that simple. This was working in Affinity Photo version 1.6.x. I used the crop presets with absolute pixel sizes for thousands of photos. Now, this function is gone, and I'm left with a lot of extra work, manually entering the same pixel sizes for every photo again and again. Please bring this feature back in the next version: crop presets in "Unconstrained" mode. Please do not make it over-complicated: So, no restrictions on ratios. If a pixel size has a specific ratio, for which a preset already exists, then the tool shall not refuse to save the preset. A user shall just enter the two dimensions of pixel size, save it as a preset, select it on an image, the crop box is shown and can be moved, apply, and the image is cropped to exactly that size. It is that simple.
  4. As mentioned in my original post, I just want to create a couple of presets with absolute pixel sizes for images to be cropped. No rescaling , no DPI changes or anything else. Just that.
  5. I remember that too, that there was in version 1.6.x at the bottom of the pulldown a function, that I used for creating the absolute pixel size presets. In deed, it looks whether that was removed and is now replaced by a "Resample" function, which is apparently dysfunctional. I do not see any effect of the "Resample" function, once I hit the apply button. The online help is not updated as well to describe this function. So, this is really something that shall be resolved by Affinity: 1. Enable the "Create Preset..." function for the "Unconstrained" mode of the Crop tool. 2. Fix the "Resample" function. 3. Properly describe the "Resample" function in the online help. Maybe someone from Affinity could commend this request. Can we expect improvements in version 1.7.3?
  6. Dear Walt, thanks for the answer. I still think, that we have a bug here, or at least the disappearance of a function that existed before. In version 1.6.x, I created a set of crop presets with absolute pixel dimensions, as listed above (e.g. 3870 x 2580, 3702 x 2468, 3534 x 2356, ...). I do not care about ratios, etc. I want to crop my images at exactly those pixels sizes, which I select for a given photo. Now in version 1.7.2, I struggle to re-create those presets with absolute pixel sizes. I have found no way how to do that. I described the failed trials above in my original post. Can you explain, how I can created presets with absolute pixel sizes in version 1.7.2? If that is not possible any longer, then it is a function that has been taken away from Affinity Photo, or it is a bug. It was a great time safer for me. Now, I would have to enter the exact pixel size numbers for each photo that I want to crop every time again.
  7. I have just upgraded Affinity Photo from version 1.6.x to 1.7.2. In my old version 1.6.x, I created a couple of presets in the Crop tool for fixed pixel sizes, e.g. 3870 x 2580 3702 x 2468 3534 x 2356 ... Those presets got lost after the upgrade. OK, so I'm going to re-create them in version 1.7.2. But I was not able to do this, no matter what I tried: 1. When I set fixed pixel sizes in the "Unconstrained" mode, then the "Create Preset..." function in the presets drop-down box is grayed out, i.e. the function is not available. 2. When I set fixed pixel sizes in the "Resample" mode, then the "Create Preset..." function in the presets drop-down box is available and I can create a preset. However, when I select the preset, then it is not executed, i.e. the crop box in the image remains unchanged. So, there is somewhere a bug in version 1.7.2. Either, the "Create Preset..." function for "Unconstrained" mode must be enabled, or the presets in "Resample" mode shall actually work. I'm using crop presets for specific, fixed pixel sizes for every photo that I process in Affinity Photo. This is quite a disappointment, that such an important function is not working any more. Please inform me, if there is a work-around for this function. Otherwise, please inform me and the community, when you make this function available again.
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