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  1. Okay, thank you for your explanation. Even though I would think, that recording a macro is a workaround, but not the way batch processing should be handled! I've been using Darktable, Lightroom, Photoshop and Canon DPP and they all convert my RAWs without any excessive changes. Only Affinity looses around half the brightness! I hope it is consistent atleast, then one macro should do the job. Otherwise I'll have to stick to using Darktable or Canon DPP. Thanks again, I'll try using a macro.
  2. Hi, the behaviour of DPP 4 is as expected. The exported pictures are the same color / brightness: (Exported by Canon Digital Photo Professional 4, maximum quality) It doesn't seem to be limited to the JPEG-export, when I export as TIFF, the picture is also darker. It seems like one processing step that Affinity uses, when loading a RAW-image "by hand", is not applied when using batch processing. Now the upload is working, so here is the RAW-file: IMG_2651.CR2 I would like to hear from someone if he gets the same result. I tested it on three different devices, so it should be easy to reproduce.
  3. Hey there, I have trouble using the batch conversion. Steps to reproduce: 1. Open Affinity Photo, File > New Batch Job (not sure if thats the term used in English, its the 8th item) 2. Select some RAWs, I tested it with Canons CR2, select "Save as jpeg" 3. Start the job The following picture is a comparison in Windows Photos App, but I tried many different viewers. I didn't do editing to eliminate any other factors. On the left: JPEG "manually" exported from Affinity Photo (Opening the RAW file, developing, exporting) "Highest quality"-preset On the right: JPEG from batch conversion, similiar settings to "Highest quality"-preset: Quality: 100 What I tried: - Embed the ICC-profile or don't, result doesnt change - Different profiles don't change the result - Convert to sRGB as macro, result doesn't change There was an error uploading the files, so I had to make a screenshot, but I'll try again! Of course, I can also provide you with the RAW-file, but I think you should be able to reproduce the problem. Cheers, Franz PS: I also found this thread: https://www.dpreview.com/forums/thread/4252273 , where a user has the same problem, but sadly no solution...