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  1. I also had this issue. The link from the program went to the current version, but I found it here.
  2. I cannot echo this loud enough. Recently I lost my graphic artist job but found a way to help from home doing freelance work over the internet. Imagine my horror when I find my old copy of Adobe CS4 would not work on my new machine. I was discouraged, let me tell you. Adobe is FAR too expensive to justify its subscription for a freelancer (much less a corporate office) and I was desperate for answers. Then I found Affinity Designer and Photo, and I could not more happy with it. No, its not the same but I would do it again. Its almost as powerful and can even do things Adobe cannot, which I adore! I love this program and consider this a Godsend. It has been a little rocky at first, trying to learn this new system as I was using Adobe for almost two decades, but I am loving it. The one major thing I miss is Free Distort and Blend Object (or whatever you want to call it). I am working on a project now where it could come in real handy. Any news would be welcome, but I understand it is not the same as typing a few keys and clicking DONE.

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