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  1. Agreed. If endnotes / footnotes are not out by mid 2020 I'll have to revert to inDesign. My timescale driven by a technical book in preparation. Chris
  2. Thanks for the suggestion... sorry about my spelling of problems! Tried the beta, same problems. Since I am working on a draft where the content is more important that the layout, I am not over worried at the moment. In 6 months time I will be. Chris
  3. I am using Pinning does not work as per the training video. When I move the pinning point by click, hold & drag the the image gets pinned to the top of the page and its aspect ratio changes. Doing undo twice gets me back to where I started but the image is now unpinned. When I click on unpin then the image moves a few pages down and the aspect ration changes. I have had quite a few cases where Publisher has just quit. I think this is after using pinning but nothing I can reproduce. Chris
  4. Thank you for the comment, I am already linking illustrations. What I should have said is that I want smaller files that I find more managable. Chris
  5. Hi, So far I am getting on well with Publisher. I am writing a book using Publisher, it will be say 400 pages plus loads of photos. I was a user of InDesign and here I had folders for each chapter, these contained the illustrations and the InDesign file for that chapter. Then there was a top-level file that joins them all together and sorts out page numbering. So far I have been unable to find if Publisher has a similar-ish facility. I really do not want to have a massive file with say 1,000 illustrations. Can someone advise please? Chris
  6. Yes please to foot notes, end notes. Any even slightly academic work will use these. Publisher without these will lock out and academic use. Keep up the good work development team. I really like Publisher. Chris (ex InDesign user)
  7. Hi, This is my first post and have been using Designer on an experimental basis. I come from using InDesign and Photoshop. Overall very good and easy to use. Impressed. As a technical author I need footnotes. Its a MUST. No footnotes, no buy Publisher when it comes out Perhaps I have missed something, but Affinity please note. Chris McKay
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