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Magenta cast in highlights on import.


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On 11/11/2019 at 7:09 AM, Chris B said:

Hi swenpaylay,

My reaction was out of my own sadness that your issue has not been resolved yet. The mods on the forum (as well as everyone else working for Serif) are here because we care about the software and its users. 

Sadly, (and I have said this numerous times) the mods, QA, tech support etc. have little influence on what the developers fix. 

I am sorry your bug still isn't resolved.




Thanks for your response Chris. I certainly don’t blame you specifically for the blackhole of feedback/crash reports. I’d suggest whoever it is that receives those emails simply sends a reply acknowledging they received the email/attachments. Its better than nothing at all, and software can do it. 

And yes it is sad, and crazy, that a subset of users (newer fuji apparently) have lost all usability and there appears to be a lack of urgency to get us back in the fold.


I’d gladly pay a subscription fee to Serif if it means more frequent build releases and a better feedback mechanism. It is priced for the amateur market as it is, and that’s where it has thrived. But give pro users something. Maybe release AP classic with the pre-summer build for $20 and move to subscription for power users and those with newer cameras.

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Having the exact same issue in 2.0.4 in 2023. What's the fix. been using affinity for 3 years and never experienced this. This is happening on both my office PC and my laptop. both windows 11


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added information to help specify issue
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