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  1. It seems better but only a little. I’ve been happily using 1.7.2 since it came out for small adjustments but tonight when i tried to do a composite image with two high res files it started crawling again. Started wheni was using the move tool and adjusting opacity and such on the new layer after I pasted it in. 4000x6000 on a 3000x4000 both with quite a few edits. Still, wouldnt have been a problem on 1.6. Ugh. At least i was able to back out, save, and reset the app. ios 12.4 1TB 2018 pro. Considering reinstalling the app but i hate to give up all my settings and adjustment layers i like to copy/paste. Still frustrated. Its not all fixed. Give me 1.6 back.
  2. swenpaylay

    Affinity Photo for iPad - 1.7.2

    Yay! Thanks.
  3. Crossing my fingers for a new release ASAP. Please Serif! (capture one pro is half off right now but I dont want to abandon my ipad workflow)
  4. Would it really be so bad just to push out this next release? Its been almost 6-8 weeks I imagine? Many apps update weekly if not a few times per week. Why can’t AP just get us something a little better? To Jeff C, who rode in on his high horse well after the heat in this thread cooled off. Thank you for lighting it up again. You’re right. I’m not willing to do any of your so-called solutions. Disable auto updates? No way. Use the beta? Tried that and it worked, sort of, but no. I do a lot of copy/pasting of layers from my AP library and dont want to step outside that and create discontinuity. Roll back to an old ipad backup? Hell no. Those aren’t solutions. The only real solution is Serif getting their shit together and pushing a real update. I actually have always kept every version of Adobe up to date on release. CS 4-6 and now CC. While there have been bugs and performance issues at times none have been so workflow shattering as this AP travesty. And if they are bad, they generally patch it within a couple weeks vs months here. The fact that a true update hasnt just been pushed out says a lot. Maybe they’ve broken the app on a fundamental level and are stumped. Im giving it a few more weeks then I’m off this bandwagon.
  5. Pretty sure the current release was published without adequate testing so why not at this point? They probably should have just held off ‘til iOS13 to drop 1.7 since I’m sure yet more issues will arise at that point. and yeah...I am hostile. I’m pissed off. I, like many others, invested significant time, money, and energy into converting my workflow to AP. It worked fantastically at first. I’m responsible for other converts as I sung its praises endlessly in my circles. Then they broke it, and blamed the failure on a lack of beta testers. With 2M downloads at 20 bucks a pop, surely they could afford to develop a better testing program. I sure as hell am not going out of my way to send sample files and endless screenshots. Not anymore. Most posts have been ignored or deflected that I’ve contributed. Earlier in this thread DM1, aka fanboy #1, told me they wouldnt miss me when I said people will start switching back to Adobe if they dont get the app fixed. That warning wasnt a threat from me as an individual, it was a reality check for devs who dont seem to be taking this issue seriously or with enough urgency. The App store rating IS plummeting, and people like me who need an efficient app to process photos to make money, well, we just cant wait around and help Serif tinker. Time is money and summer is photography season. Earlier this year my bank decided to overhaul their software in the middle of tax season, which broke my accounting software and the sync. I fired them and changed banks because of that excruciatingly moronic decision. I see this scenario, the lack of foresite, etc, much the same way. 1.6 would have been just fine until this winter after thoroughly testing 1.7 following ios13. Flame me all you want but I know I’m speaking on behalf of many, many, people. Someone had to say it.
  6. Same issue. Same ipad. Reported a few weeks ago. Doesnt seem correlated to specific photos.
  7. Beta is not a solution for all. Pushing the beta version to release is. I did sign up for the beta as a last resort when I wasn’t able to export photos. Going back and forth between the versions doesn’t fit in my work flow. And this release has truly slowed down my flow with my business. Did you know some people rely on this app to make money? Did you know summer is the busiest time of year for most photographers? We dont have time to help you tinker with something you broke. Responding to every complaint with “sign up for the beta” doesn't work well either. That’s like going to mcdonalds, being served a shitty sandwich, complaining, and then being offered an unpaid internship so I can make my own. With a few million downloads of a paid app Serif should have the internal work force to push out a polished product. To me all of this has felt like Serif is blaming users - “not enough users signed up for the beta, that’s why this version sucks.” With a pretty hostile atmosphere in the forum and mostly deflective responses from admins, its no wonder why you have so few beta testers. I paid for an app, not for a beta program. Own your mistake, and show gratitude to users, especially those who have converted their circles from Adobe. I know several people who, like me, invested in ipad pros and moved their workflow to this app because it was so good before. Get all hands on deck and push the new version to release. You need to treat this app as it should be - a tool for professionals. Right now it feels like the contrary. The longer you wait, deflect, and offer unpaid internships as a solution, the more the credibility for pro use will tumble. The app store rating has already dropped quite a bit. But maybe it doesnt matter to Serif. Maybe you’d just as soon be for casual users who download the app but dont use it to its full potential. If thats the case, expect an exodus back to LR/PS.
  8. “1.7 Sludge” Exactly. Hurry up and fix this Serif. You’ve got a pro user considering an Adobe homecoming. Really don’t want it to come to that. It’s damn close.
  9. Well in any case thanks for the tip it’s a game changer for me. Especially since I also just realized we can copy/paste groups of adjustment layers now. If only those groups could just be put into presets than can incorporate 4-5 adjustment layers.
  10. swenpaylay

    Export Lockup

    I moved the file over to the beta and it was indeed a workaround. Still a little slow to generate the export but it did work. For the admins... back to frequency separation. The bugs I’m getting there are: slow/laggy brush performance as usual, inpainting/healing/cloning doesnt work on high frequencies sometimes, and when I sample skin tones for low frequency the colors i sample end up being super blown out and not accurate. For example i sampled a skin tone from a womans face and it was bright orange when I started painting rather than a neutral skin color.
  11. Cool trick! I’ll have to try it, thanks! That is what I’m looking to do...copy them all into a project folder in the app for adjustments (which the batch option doesnt do). Got a trick up your sleeve for then exporting said batch all at once, given they only exist within the app after adjustments?
  12. swenpaylay

    Export Lockup

    It seems to possibly be triggered by photos with frequency separation edits (which in itself is also quite buggy).
  13. swenpaylay

    Export Lockup

    Yet another 1.7.1 bug to report. When exporting I get endless spin wheel on some photos and it wont show the file size or enable the export button. Scaling long edge down to 3350 px was a work around, as was disabling some layers/adjustments. Neither are ideal.
  14. If you’re talking about the ‘batch project’ tile in the main screen that seems like little more than a quick file converter. It doesnt pull anything into or out of the app, rather just converts file type and/or dimensions from one external folder to the other. Too limited to be useful for me unfortunately. I need to be able to pull a batch of raw photos into the app and then dump them all back out with the same compression settings. As of now this is a one by one process made all the more annoying by the fact that what you do see when importing is only a tiny low resolution square. But maybe I’m missing something. Again I don’t save the AP files at all outside the app as they are too huge to be manageable. They only exist within the app. RAW goes in and JPEG comes out.
  15. Cool! From what screen do I do this? I cant find it in develop persona or the main library screen. Sorry still a noob.