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  1. There is one. I just wanted to point out to this thread that some of us have the opposite issue.
  2. Crazy! I can load .cube just fine but can't load my .3dl either! I tried mine in icloud and even copied them over to the ipad's storage. Nothing worked. Up-to-Date 12.9 1TB 2018 WiFi iPad Pro, no beta.
  3. The app states that .3dl are supported. Like Joe3zz, I was loading my 3dl LUTs just fine until this last update, now they are greyed out. Quite unfortunate and I hope you'll fix it quickly as I use them heavily! Renaming the 3dl files to .cube seemed to work at first, but then it didn't. Tried accessing LUTS via icloud and via On Your iPad storage. No Dice. Up-to-Date 12.9 1TB 2018 WiFi iPad Pro, no beta.
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