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  1. Thanks. I suggest devs have dpi as a jpeg export setting. This was not obvious and a bit tedious for bulk processing.
  2. Just importing raw photos and then exporting them? Does it default to 72 if i dont creat a doc first?
  3. Why does AP only export 72 dpi jpegs? No matter what settings I tweak they come out at 72 dpi. Very bad for printing and archiving. There’s no actual dpi setting I can find. Quality is maxed out etc. The files I’m exporting from are max resolution RAWs. This spans a whole year of this app and several different camera types. What’s the deal?
  4. Thanks for your response Chris. I certainly don’t blame you specifically for the blackhole of feedback/crash reports. I’d suggest whoever it is that receives those emails simply sends a reply acknowledging they received the email/attachments. Its better than nothing at all, and software can do it. And yes it is sad, and crazy, that a subset of users (newer fuji apparently) have lost all usability and there appears to be a lack of urgency to get us back in the fold. I’d gladly pay a subscription fee to Serif if it means more frequent build releases and a better feedback mechanism. It is priced for the amateur market as it is, and that’s where it has thrived. But give pro users something. Maybe release AP classic with the pre-summer build for $20 and move to subscription for power users and those with newer cameras.
  5. Touchy touchy. All I have to say is you get what you pay for and AP’s price point is definitely too good to be true.
  6. p_mac if you don’t like my commentary then don’t post in threads I create, or change the subject so its about your sony cameras. My fuji files are totally fine in adobe and were fine in AP until recently. I do prefer APs rendering and the exported product better, which is why I’m here. I truly prefer the product..when it works...its been over 6 months since it did. Adobe has only been reliable. I turn around photos efficiently and clients are happy. Can’t say the same for AP anymore. The first 6 months of 2019 were a lot different. AP enticed me to move my workflow to iPad. Then it pushed me back to Adobe when it got broken. Turns out LR on iPad is great. DM1 is correct...bug reports and files go into a blackhole. I sent devs half a dozen crash reports and some of my photo files with absolutely zero response. I took half a day of my time on several occasions over the summer to help fix the product and got nothing back...except a tearful emoji from a mod on my last post in the thread (thanks a lot Chris...glad you care.) that attitude...your attitude is frustrating and enflames the tone of my feedback no doubt. Sorry not sorry to be a full time pro photographer who processes thousands of photos monthly who desperately wants to use Serif’s product. It’s clear now AP is made for hobbyists and most participants in this forum are just that. The unfortunate reality is the Adobe is truly the only option for pros who want to use ipads.
  7. Seven weeks have passed with no updates and no communication from devs even though I sent a multitude of crash files and raw photos for this and other issues. I yearn to use AP on my ipad but I simply cannot with these problems and my workflow has moved away from it as a result.
  8. I had the same issue. AP could only open the rendered jpegs. A workaround is to move your raws to icloud/files and open from there. Indeed the issue seems to be in iOS as, inspecting the files with the metapho app shows the raws are there, but ios is putting the rendered jpegs at the front of the file so AP can only open that and the real raw remains hidden. Lightroom is still able to open the raws from any location in spite of the issue. I spoke to apple about this extensively and the behavior seems to be typical of photos living in the cloud with icloud photos. Ios saves a rendered jpeg only. The crazy thing is I don’t have icloud photos enabled at all yet somehow all the original raws are being saved to my mac without any way to stop it.
  9. Yeah. Strange issue. But heres another unfortunate on topic update: I’m still getting magenta in the highlights that can’t be corrected very easily, even now that I am able to pull in the raw files. CA and Defringing toggles dont help. Adjusting white balance does a little, as does split toning, but not 100% and not without losing good colors I ant to keep. Devs should certainly still consider this unsolved.
  10. One correction: Lightroom may only be importing the rendered jpeg and calling it a raw due to the error. Now that i pull the sliders it seems the photos lack dynamic range of a raw, and that the better color vs AP is due to the baked in color profiles. Also, using itunes to sync the photos back to the ipad doesn't work. Still only jpegs. The tech told me icloud auto clears its cache about every 30 days so maybe I'll just wait 'til then to try again.
  11. That's a loaded question. But generally speaking, I save into the camera roll first from SD, cull, then pull into AP. I just spent two hours on the phone with an apple engineer to discuss the problem. They are bewildered and are following up. What seems to have happened is i imported to my mac via the photos app and it told my ipad not to keep originals. Somehow latent metadata in icloud is continuing to tell it do to do so, but only for this particular set of photos. The raw file is technically still in the background but has to be downloaded when the file opens, just like an 'optimized for storage' file would. Lightroom was able to still pull raws out of these messed up files but AP was not. I prefer AP and only downloaded LR as a temporary solution to what I thought was an AP bug (my bad..it's ios) I can successfully import to AP via the files app, where I have the RAFs stored in icloud drive. It pulls them in no problem. It's just that when I save the raws to my main camera roll, icloud photos or the photos mac app, is still telling my ipad to only show me the rendered jpegs. Hence I can't import them from the camera roll without this magenta issue or the multi-import crashing issue I reported in a different thread. AP devs might consider coding the imports such that AP searches for background raws for optimized photos. LR seems to have that ability. I generally don't import to mac via usb/photos or via icloud photos but at the time my icloud drive was bugged up and wouldn't upload raws. That was another issue that doesn't seem to exist anymore. The really strange thing is the photos app on mac continues to get my raws in the background as I import to ipad and it only gets jpegs, even though icloud photos, and any syncing settings that should connect the two libraries is disabled. The photos don't even appear in mac photos, just in the 'masters' folder accessed by right click > show package contents. So I think theres some latent metadata in icloud photos telling my ipad to prioritize the jpegs due to my usb import and/or temporary icloud photos enabling. Moral of the story: don't back up with USB/Photos or iCloud photos. Just pop the SD card into both machines separately. Annoying but the safest bet, per the Apple photos engineer. For now I'm attempting to save the files back to my ipad camera roll via itunes sync as suggested by Apple.
  12. So the issue here seems to be iOS has decided to save only the thumbnails locally on any of my ios devices. I think the cause of my import issue is that affinity can only ‘see’ the rendered jpeg. The strange thing is that it only happens with this one particular photo set im working on. Everything before and after is fine. The cause eludes me and I cant get ios to leave the files as they are. My theories are this particular set was loaded into lightroom mobile and it did something. I had also tried to sync via icloud photos, which I have since disabled. I think it may have been that. Finally, i also imported them via usb to my mac via the mac photos app because i was having a hard time uploading via icloud drive like usual and it just left me the previews. But again this problem exists only for this set of files and occurs on both my ipad and iphone. So my guess is somehow the cache of icloud photos thinks it has the raws soits only saving thumbnails regardless of device. Strange though that lightroom can open the raws no sweat. Im stumped. Does anyone know how to fix this on ios?
  13. Happy, sort of, to report my issue was the RAW files themselves. Somehow while moving them around on my ipad they got seriously compressed. They were still showing as RAWs to metapho, but only 2.4mb. So i assume something got bugged to where only the jpeg renderings were importing to apps and that same bug caused this multi-import issue here. It seems to be working with files from a previous import. This can be considered resolved for my sake. Checking on my magenta issue next to see if it's related to my corrupted raws. Now the question is...how was a batch of around 1000 photos corrupted to where only the jpeg thumbnails were present? No idea, probably not AP's fault. Happy to be editing again!
  14. My images are very flat and no amount of color correction has any effect. They’re just washed out in magenta. Color temp sliders have no affect at all. As if it’s only importing a piece of the gamut and overwhelmingly so on magenta channels. Literally impossible to edit.
  15. Sad to report this issue is still present in ipad os 13.1.2 an AP 1.7.3
  16. Sad to report this issue is still present in ipad os 13.1.2 an AP 1.7.3
  17. Yeah the Fuji XT3 profile has been in there for a while and I didn’t notice the color issue until recently. I sent devs a RAW so fingers crossed. I assume it’s a bug that occurs to the color profile on import. Hopefully there’s followup to this issue as it has totally stalled my workflow.
  18. Found the crash files too. Uploaded 3. Godspeed.
  19. Sent. The one I put in there is one I noticed major magenta issues with. You can duplicate it 50 times if you want to test the drag/drop import issue. Thanks and let me know.
  20. They are around 56mb each. One, a few, or many...wont load no matter what. Tried every possible scenario. I usually create a new project and drop them in there. I can still import one at a time the old way through the AP menu but the loss of being able to drop in 50 at once is a pain. I cant share the files publicly but will PM or email devs if thats possible, for this and my magenta cast issue.
  21. I can try that later, cant find the setting at the moment. Where is it exactly? I wonder if it’s a fuji RAF issue. dont want to go down the rabbit hole of sending you a multitude of screen captures but its pretty clear. Pre ios 13 i would drag a batch of RAFs into the project screen, it would show it was loading, then nothing would happen. Now in 13 the same thing except it just crashes entirely instead of doing nothing. between having the 1TB IPP and Fuji It seems im most prone to issues based on other complaints.
  22. Thanks for the replies. I tried disabling the tone curve setting and it actually made the magenta cast worse. And in fact no adjusting of white balance even seems to affect the hue at all, even maxed out yellow temp/ green tint. i wonder if its a fuji RAF issue. I have been going back and forth between canon and fuji all summer and this is the first major project ive done on fuji in a while.
  23. Problem repeated in every scenario. The only way import via drag and drop would work and all was with a 1mb thumbnail jpeg. No raws at all, single or in a group. I used to be able to drop 50 photos in with this method.
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