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Hi there,

yes this "stuck on hand tool" (aka "View-Tool) issue still exists in August 2019 (seen in Designer 1.7.1 as well as in Publisher 1.7.2), and it's easy to reproduce. Just use the "minus-Zoom-Tool" to zoom out (option-command-spacebar) by clicks, and you're done. After that, releasing the keys leaves you in the "View-Tool".

This is the case in Designer all the time, in Publisher sometimes not. Here you have come from another tool to the "minus-loupe-tool", but sometimes it works flawlessly, hmm :|

But in both cases the way out ist easy as well ! Just type the "plus-Zoom-Tool" to zoom in (command-spacebar) and you're out of the "Hand-Tool". No need to click, just press _command-spacebar_ to get your pointer back. :1_grinning:

I consider this as a bug, but this little workaround should help you out - for now. No need to close and reopen documents.

Cheers, Marcus
(10.14 Mojave on a Mac)

Affinity Photo 1.8.6, Affinity Designer 1.8.6, Affinity Publisher 1.8.6
iMac i9, 72GB, RX580, macOS Mojave 10.14.6

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I'm having this issue at the moment and cannot get rid of it with command-spacebar (this brings up a Spotlight Search box). Do you have any other suggestions as to how I can get out of this and back to the normal pointer?


UPDATE:  I just closed down the document I was working on and the re-opened it and I have the normal pointer back.  

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Hello everyone,

I'm experiencing the same issue as you all and so far the only way to get Designer working again is to close down the program and restart. 

And the frequency which this bug occurs seams to be increasing with time. Has Serif address such problem yet? Don't know if should contact them directly, this isn't some minor issue has it is starting to be quite disruptive on my work flow.

Thank you all, 


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