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Designer Stuck on View Tool

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Hi there,

yes this "stuck on hand tool" (aka "View-Tool) issue still exists in August 2019 (seen in Designer 1.7.1 as well as in Publisher 1.7.2), and it's easy to reproduce. Just use the "minus-Zoom-Tool" to zoom out (option-command-spacebar) by clicks, and you're done. After that, releasing the keys leaves you in the "View-Tool".

This is the case in Designer all the time, in Publisher sometimes not. Here you have come from another tool to the "minus-loupe-tool", but sometimes it works flawlessly, hmm :|

But in both cases the way out ist easy as well ! Just type the "plus-Zoom-Tool" to zoom in (command-spacebar) and you're out of the "Hand-Tool". No need to click, just press _command-spacebar_ to get your pointer back. :1_grinning:

I consider this as a bug, but this little workaround should help you out - for now. No need to close and reopen documents.

Cheers, Marcus
(10.14 Mojave on a Mac)

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I'm having this issue at the moment and cannot get rid of it with command-spacebar (this brings up a Spotlight Search box). Do you have any other suggestions as to how I can get out of this and back to the normal pointer?


UPDATE:  I just closed down the document I was working on and the re-opened it and I have the normal pointer back.  

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