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  1. Hi, I'm having this issue at the moment and cannot get rid of it with command-spacebar (this brings up a Spotlight Search box). Do you have any other suggestions as to how I can get out of this and back to the normal pointer? Thanks UPDATE: I just closed down the document I was working on and the re-opened it and I have the normal pointer back.
  2. That's brilliant! Thank you so much Mike. I like the Embed option...I think this will be much safer.
  3. I am following a tutorial from my printer but it's for Adobe Illustrator. I need to create outlines on text assets, which would be done by clicking 'Type' and selecting 'Create Outlines' in AI. I have tried in vain to find the equivalent in AD. Can anyone suggest where I find the equivalent setting in AD please?
  4. Thank you so much MEB! I will see which of those solutions works best for me.
  5. I have a follow-on question related to the 'Erase White Paper', so thought it best to post here instead of creating a new topic. When you have erased the white paper, is there a way to replace it with a pure white background or alternatively, to leave it with a transparent background? For context, I am editing product shots where the white background is slightly off-colour and I need to find a way to make it consistently the same across multiple shots.
  6. Hi. I am importing a map (which has text) into Designer, but the map uses some Univers fonts which are 'missing' as I don't have them installed. How can I find out what Designer has replaced them with? When I click on the text, the font box just shows "?Univers LT std". Or is there a way to maintain the integrity of the PDF fonts (as I won't need to edit them)?
  7. @firstdefence I have tried using both natural light (shooting outside) and artificial light, shooting with a Canon DSLR and a macro lens. I set the white balance for the lighting and bracket shoot to see the variations in the background, but seem to get different results even within the same shoot. I will definitely need to practice more with shooting the images which should give me less work post-production! Thanks for your tip on the lighting source.
  8. Thanks everyone for your suggestions! I'm off to give them a try and see what works best for me. I really appreciate your help
  9. I have lots of product shots (shot on white foam core) which have inconsistent white backgrounds (I set the white balance when shooting but it always ends up off-white to some degree). Is there a quick way to get a consistent white background on all of the shots? They will appear side-by-side on my online shop, so I need consistency.
  10. When I export to PDF for print with printers marks, bleed etc, I am seeing black vertical 'border-type' lines on some of the pages. There are no black borders showing on the document in AD. Any idea how I can get rid of these? Many thanks
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