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Save Selection and Curve To Selection

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Could a Save Selection be added. Maybe as a selection layer.


Also could a curve to selection be added.


These two functions work hand in hand for me. I am always using my curve tool to isolate parts to adjust color or add an effect. I often need to go back into the file to recolor or edit that selection later. I don't what to loose my selection once I worked so hard to isolate a particular part of the image. I would just add a curve layer and leave it at that... but I do not see a way to convert that curve into a section for later edits. 


As a work-around I am creating a closed curve layer and filling it as my potential selection. I use the selection brush to select my fill to get my selection back. Kind of a long way to get a simple result. ;)





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  • Staff

Hi jbartley, lorenzodetomasi,

You can already convert a path (curve) to a selection pressing the Selection button on the context toollbar in the Pen Tool (you can also convert it to a mask with the Mask button). You can keep the path as a vector object (duplicate it before turning it in to a selection) if you need it later.


I think currently is not possible to save a selection as a mask, only as an independent .afselection file.

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I would reiterate the usefulness of saving a selection within the edited photo of AP so that the selection can be brought up later.



If I have file 001.afphoto, I have made a section, and made edits to that selection.  Lets say, I quit out because I think I am done.  Later I open 001.afphoto and realize that I forgot something.  If I was smart enough to save the selection, it would be a separate file outside of 001.afphoto.

This is not as practical as having the selection saved within the 001.afphoto.  I may have made dozens of changes to the same person or a different persons eyes.


In which case I would have to figure out which eyes.afselection is the right one for 001.afphoto.


Please figure out a way to save the selection within the 001.afphoto working space.

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  • Staff



We can do this already :)


Make the selection, then in the Channels panel, right click on "Pixel Selection" and choose "Create Spare Channel".


To load it back, right click the spare channel and choose "Load to Pixel Selection".


You can have as many spare channels as you like, and the load and save with the document :)


Hope this helps,



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The spare channel selection works.

That is better than saving the selection as a file outside of the edited file.


It can add a lot of adjustment layers when doing portraiture.

Imagine four or more people in a portrait and a separate selection for each persons eyes and teeth.  8+ layers.


Thank you, Andy.

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