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Design using Constraints and Visual Relationship

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I think Affinity Designer should go further than just replicate Illustrator's features.

Why not be the first real tool to let us design for multiple screen size at the same time on one single artboard? Design these days occur on platforms that may have multiple screen sizes. For example, Xcode takes this in consideration thanks to Auto-Layout and GSS (Grid Style Sheets), which makes this easier to design for the web.

Maybe Affinity Designer could let us export our designs directly into Xcode compatible .storyboard files?

Please create this dream tool! ^_^

Philippe Côté

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I can’t imagine how designing multiple layouts on a single artboard would work without creating a total organizational mess. But that’s probably because my way of thinking is completely different and in the grip of Fireworks. I still think “pages” (or “views” if you will (or “scenes”, to say it in Storyboard speak)) are still closest to the concept of web development. But perhaps we’re thinking of the same things here and just speak different languages.


Also, I think Affinity Designer’s focus isn’t on being/becoming a full blown IDE for developers. It’s still primarily a tool for graphic design/illustration. (perhaps it might become at some point but that’s probably years away) Likewise, we could all ask for HTML and CSS export, as Fireworks is able to do. But what code does that produce? None that a professional web developer would actually use in their projects; it’s just for quick mock-ups for demonstration. I can’t imagine that creating a design in AD and exporting it to XCode whatever would produce any usable, non-bloated code. Sounds like a WYSIWYG editor for software developers? Yeah, right.

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In response to Pcote (Hi) I can see this working. Suggest you (VIPStephan) take a look at Webydo. The facility where you start with an image for a typical monitor is handled really well here and then you are given various options for your layout for tablet and phone. This is just an arrangement of page feature, nothing else, where so much is designed for all the 'screens' in this world it's not a bad idea. Perhaps not priority but worth a shout! 


To start talking about code, HTML CSS and Xcode is just totally out of place. No code involved!


Geoff (newbie)

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This is already available in the Designer Beta 1.5 which you can download from here if you are willing to give it a try (Mac App Store version requires to run the Beta). 

Note that files created in version 1.5 are not compatible with prior versions.

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