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Selecting text clashes with resizing text columns

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Hi all, I couldn't see this listed recently.  I've just installed Publisher so this may be a newbie error, but whenever I try to select blocks of text and start close to the edge of the text column the cursor turns into a double headed arrow whilst I'm still several characters in from the edge.  In other words text editing suddenly changes to document layout and I accidentally resize the column instead of selecting the text.

I'm using 2 columns on Letter, with 1 inch margins, and with Calibri at 8pt the cursor changes three characters in from the right hand edge (fully justified).  Once I've set the text columns is there any way to fix them in place so I can't accidentally change them?  Or is there a mode that just focuses on text editing and ignores everything else?  The icon for 'Frame Text Tool' is currently highlighted.

It's version on Win 8.1.


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  • Staff

Hi Andy2019,

Welcome to the forums and my apologies for the delayed response :)

I've replicated your document (I believe!) and unfortunately I'm not currently seeing the same issue, as can be seen in the below GIF-


Could you please provide a sample document for me, in case I haven't set things up exactly the same as yourself?

Can you also please confirm, do you have a custom (or anything other than 100%) scaling percentage set in Windows Display settings?

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Hi Dan, this is pretty speedy by most manufacturer's standards!

I created a new document to test with and on page 1 I had no issues.  I then created a double page spread (pages 2 and 3) and on the left page (page 2), left column, I'm seeing the double arrows appear at about 12 characters in from the right hand edge, but not at 3 characters like my original document.  I zoomed in to 100% and then 200% but the arrows appeared in the same location.

Font size doesn't seem to matter, so with massive fonts the arrows appear at 5 characters in instead.  Changing to left justification didn't help either. I've attached the second document as its just random text and no images.

Thanks, Andy

Strange arrows.afpub

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  • Staff

Thanks for your file and further description Andy :)

I've been able to reproduce this issue here, and I believe I have found the cause of the issue.

If you create a text frame with 2 columns, the resize 'arrows' will be in the correct location.

Now, resize this text frame and try changing the gutter location once more, you'll find the arrows are now misaligned with the gutter itself - the hit detection for these arrows location doesn't seem to update with the transform of the text frame, meaning they are wherever they were when the original frame was drawn.

I've created a quick screen recording to demonstrate this below -

I'll get this logged with our developers now to be fixed asap - many thanks for your help in reporting this issue!

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  • Staff

We have made fixes/improvements to this area (Gutter drag handles become misaligned when text frame is scaled) of the program in the latest customer beta. If you would like to try these changes the beta software is available in the forum posts listed below.

The latest beta builds are downloadable from links at the top of each of these beta forum posts.

These betas install parallel, next to the release version (they do not overwrite your release) and so the fixes can be tried in the beta without affecting your normal workflow in the release version.

Whether you want to try the beta or not, once these programs have been through a full beta process the change will be released in a future free 1.8.0 update/patch to all customers.

Patrick Connor
Serif Europe Ltd

"There is nothing noble in being superior to your fellow man. True nobility lies in being superior to your previous self."  W. L. Sheldon


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