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Issue with selections - adding, subtracting, inverting

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Here's a suggestion on how to improve the way existing object selections are expanded/reduced, especially when you want to select amidst many overlapping object.

As an example, for illustrating the issue, I chose an 8x8 grid of boxes. Say I want to select objects in the corners like so:



To get this, of course you could simply select 4 times with the marquee around what you need like so...


However, there would be a simpler and faster way: select all...


... then subtract what you don't need. First, the middle columns...


... for which you would of course hold SHIFT when drawing the selection marquee.

Then the middle rows...


.. wait! That's not working... SHIFT obviously INVERTS the selection! That's not good!


Here's the wish: there should be different modifier keys to reliably ADD, SUBTRACT and INVERT the selection when using the Move Tool marquee!

This example is simple, but imagine a forest of overlapping lines, and you want to predictably select and/or deselect with the marquee. This can become a nightmare when you only have the option to INVERT the selection. Lines can become re-selected etc.

Adobe Illustrator always had the same issue, and I hate their selection mechanism for that! Had this case recently in our architectural office, editing building facade graphics. A time consuming hassle...


My proposal would be:

SHIFT always ADDS to the selection,

CTRL always SUBTRACTS from the selection (seems to be unused at the moment in the Move Tool),

CTRL-SHIFT always INVERTS the selection.

Together with the option "Select objects when intersects with selection marquee" (which by the way should be invoked with a simpler shortcut that LMB-RMB-drag!), selection mechanics would be super clean and logical!

It's kind of standard in numerous CAD applications I use (Rhino, 3d Max, ...) - always made total sense.

(Windows user here)



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Here's another, hopefully simpler, example. How would you DEselect all horizontal lines, but keep the selection of the vertical lines?

Not possible in one go when you can only INVERT the selection - as it is now.



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