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Merging a layer effect unlinks the symbol and can't be undone

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When adding layer effect to one symbol, other symbols follows as expected. However pressing merge and it now applies to only that one symbol, a bunch of unlinks appeared, the orange line became dashed, and undoing cannot restore back the linked state.

Related question, how can I intentionally unlink some "attribute" that it is showing here? What are available attributes that I could unlink manually? How to relink them? Any documentation of this "dashed line" symbol?


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Hi 5argon,

Thanks for letting us know - I'll get it passed on to development.

Regarding the unlinking this can be done by turning off the 'Sync' button on the Symbols Panel. It allows you to further customise an object (such as fill, stroke etc) without affecting the other symbols. However once it is unlinked it is not yet possible to relink it.

I'm not sure if you've seen it but check out this from the help:

and also this tutorial video:

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