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Disable the purple / magenta outline of the object you've just been working on

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I'm loving finally working in Publisher, it's a nice fresh break from ID!

Not sure exactly how to describe this, and have done a bit of searching on here, the internet, and help to see if it's covered anywhere.

A lot of the time when you're working on a document it's a bit "disco like", as each time you deselect an object (text, image etc.) the outline of what you've been working on goes magenta and fades to nothing.

Is there any way to turn this off? I can't find a setting.

It's also not consistent, I'll be working away with my document flashing like "Saturday Night Fever" and then nothing for a while.

Any ideas?


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Hi 3Dshark,
Click the arrow on the right of the magnet icon in the main toolbar to access the Snapping Manager (or go to menu View > Snapping Manager...) then change the Candidates dropdown to anything other than Candidates List.

To learn more about snapping candidates please check this help topic.

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To further clarify, that outline shows that the object has been added to the list of snapping candidates and that as you are moving objects around with snapping enabled they will snap to that object.  This method of handling snapping reduces the workload on the program in determining what things can snap to, as if you had it checking thousands of objects every time the mouse moved performance would obviously suffer somewhat (not to mention you would be snapping to every little detail on the page, which could be rather annoying).

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