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I have Affinity in spanish as it detects that i'm in spain, but my main language is catalan as mostly is my work. But the dictionary it starts anything is always Spanish and I have to keep changing it every time , of course I can choose the language for the styles, but will be a great help to be able to decide the main language in document preferences. I suppose that this little problem happens to many others, Polish, Txec, Dutch, Lituanian...or in any case that the app language and it's default spelling dictionary is not the same as the main language used.

Joaquim Berenguer



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That would be nice.

In the meantime, there is a workaround.

Designer works the same way as Publisher in this area: The Text Style named Base inherits your User Interface language as its default Spelling Language. And all the other paragraph styles inherit from Base.

However, you can change that. Just look in the Text Styles studio panel, double-click on Base, and change the Spelling Language to Catalan if you have its dictionary installed:



  1. Click OK to saved the modified Base style.
  2. Click on the hamburger menu for the Text styles studio panel, and choose Save Styles as Default:


After that, all your paragraph styles should default to Catalan. You will need to specify a paragraph style for your text (e.g., Body), as any text without a style will be assumed to be Spanish. But all of the styles will inherit from Base, so they'll all start out as Catalan instead of starting out as Spanish; you won't need to keep changing them.

-- Walt

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