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I have been using Serif products for over ten years and have used all the Page Plus versions.  I am finding the difference between those and Affinity Publisher a step too far.  I just produce a 40 page A5 village news booklet with articles, adverts, photos and clip art.  I import files from Microsoft documents, picture and downloads.  I do not need master pages or other features at the moment.  I just want to import adverts run in last issue plus any new ones, some regularly used text which I can edit for each issue, new articles and PDF files,  photos from my hard drive and various artwork from downloads.  I just cannot see how I can do this and none of the tutorials seem to help.  Sorry to be such a woos.

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There is going to a learning curve between to apps, some processes are the same or very similar, if you start with the basics such as creating and setting up a document first. Then move on to how to position your text frames and place images I'm sure most things can be picked up pretty quickly.

The video tutorials are there to help and more will be added.

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36 minutes ago, Sukiejane74 said:

Thank you very much. Have had another session since your post and am getting the hang of things. Will keep plodding on. Many thanks.

If you haven't already, I would suggest starting out by watching Serif's tutorials.

-- Walt

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