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Macro to downscale an image so all resulting images are 800px wide

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Say my first image has a dimension of 1862 x 1236, if I resize the image and enter 800px into width field, the height automatically updates to 532px

  • Input image = 1862 x 1236, Output image = 800 x 532
  • Input image = 1748 x 1089, Output image = 800 x 498

I want to create a macro so that the width of all the images on which the macro is applied becomes 800 and the height changes proportionately.

Presently if I record a macro it records to resize all images to 800 x 532

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Hello @K.gatedChannel,

look at the post, John Rostron has shared a macro,  maybe it helps.




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For an alternative suggestion, Photo's batch job processing (File > New Batch Job) can do that resizing without a macro. It can also let you run macros while it handles that part of the processing for you.

But yes, if it must be a macro, it will have to be one using the techniques that John Rostron shows. (Or the (I think) similar ones that carl123 has shown. I provided a link to Carl's information in my response, just above John Rostron's post.)

-- Walt

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