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+1 from me. I also started a thread on this topic. Young UI designers with sharp eyes do not realise how bad their darker gray icons on a black background are. It is. Huge issue for me. I am 64. Do they think that designers stop using software once we pass 40? It is so easy to fix.

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The new Photoshop for iPad might be limited in features yet, but is a pleasure to use their UI compared to Affinity. They don’t need to be frightened of Photoshop mobile yet, but Adobe is doing a good job of encouraging user feedback and are developing the app quickly. Affinity needs to understand that there will come a point where Photoshop matches Affinity and at that point things like UI will become very important. Affinity needs to fix this problem. 

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Posted (edited)

Yes unfortunately the ui still has serious issues / bugs, for some reason it appears all graphic/drawing apps for the ipad (I have tried most) has various stupid ui issues and/or limitations, but Designer has a coupe of actual show stoppers.

1 : Unresponsive delete button, (awkwardly positioned at lower left corner) will simply not work 3 out of 4 times (yes I know the long hold option ... not an option for me).

2 Unresponsive / wonky add selection of curves (the holding a finger gesture while trying to add select).

Well, these 2 are the worst issues for my workflow (pretty much kills it). What a shame, this app could have been great, but it seems serif doesnt really care ... this is 2020 and these issues and others still persist. Im on a 2018 ipad pro +pen, have tried other ipads, same same.

Yes as mentioned in post above, tool icons are too small, maybe a scalable option could also improve the crappy delete button.(would still need to be moved away from the lower left corner). And no ... I dont have big hands at all.

Oh and the right toolbar can not be locked/hidden seperately, constantly activating random studio “modules” while trying to draw, yes you can use the hide (entire) ui function, but this constantly, (you want/need the left toolbar often) interrupts the workflow, especially since the button is located ln upper right corner, I want to use my right hand for drawing thank you very much (in all fairness it should be noted that several other apps have similar stupid issues).

Styles can not be deleted, you have to reset various elements seperately,  managing brushes is clumsy and buggy .

Can export to psd, serif could probably make it export to ai if they wanted to..... ok so they want you to buy the desktop vers. .....  hmm .. maybe if there was something like the blob brush workflow from illustrator ...(yes I know the expand stroke “workaround”) ... fair enough, I will just have to hope for a not too barebones illustrator for ipad soon, for when im on the go........ and ..... oh well ...... enough for now. ...







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