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[] Changing the displayed artboard of a multi artboard Designer file on a master page won't reflect on regular pages

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If you change the displayed/active artboard of a multi artboard Designer file placed on a master page, this change won't be reflected on regular pages. It always shows the artboard that was first visible upon placing the file. It's possible this also happens with other types of multipage documents (Affinity Photo, PDFs) but I only tested with Designer files.


Steps to reproduce:

  1. Open Affinity Designer
  2. Create a new document with 2 Artboards
  3. Draw a purple circle on the first artboard and a blue square in the second, just so they're instantly recognizable
  4. Save it somewhere, you can now close Designer, it won't be used anymore
  5. Create a new Publisher file, check Default Master so a master page is already applied to any pages added
  6. Add a few pages to the document, let's say 6, just so the issue is more evident
  7. Double click Master A in the Pages panel so you can add elements to it
  8. Place the Designer document you saved on step 4, by default it should show the first artboard, the purple circle
  9. Notice the purple circle is correctly displayed on all pages where the Master A is applied
  10. Back on the Master A, select the placed file and use the context toolbar to change to the second artboard
  11. You should now see the blue square on the master page as expected
  12. Notice that the blue square is not being shown on the pages where the master is applied, instead you continue to see the purple circle
  13. This is not just a visual bug, if you export a PDF all pages will indeed have the purple circle instead of the blue square




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