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Para and character styles

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I am using beta


I am finding that setting styles is producing unexpected behaviour. 

Paragraph styles sometimes include unwanted para spacing and bullets

A paragraph style with an associated character style should override a previous style (or no style). This isn't happening.

Also the keyboard shortcuts don't seem to be working for me.

On my present document, styles are unusable at present


I am 25+ years experienced with different applications and ways of setting and using styles, but I can't make this opne work! Maybe I am missing something, or it is a known difficulty with this beta?

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13 minutes ago, greiggy said:

I can't make this one work!

A lot of stuff is carried over from the style a given Paragraph Style is based on. If there is a check box with a dash in it then what ever the original Paragraph Style has set for that value is inherited. The same is true for the values that have a [no change] in them, the Based On values are carried over.

I found it far easier to clear all the styles and roll my own.

I actually prefer this method of inheriting settings and building up from a basic group style to more complex styles. Then when I want to change the font family I can do so with changing the group's font family, or if I want a style to have most of the same but a different font family I can change font family from [no change] to the family I want.

There are some differences between Designer, Photo and Publisher so I would need to know which one you are using to help you further.

MacBook Pro (13-inch, Mid 2012) Mac OS 10.12.6 || Mac Pro (Late 2013) Mac OS 10.14.5

Affinity Designer 1.7.3 | Affinity Photo 1.7.3 | Affinity Publisher 1.7.3 | Affinity Designer Beta 1.7.x.x | Affinity Photo Beta 1.7.x.x | Affinity Publisher Beta

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It's the beta of the prospective Publisher.

Killing all existing styles and starting afresh sounds like good advice to me

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On a new document, I deleted all styles and set up the few I need with 2 base styles and a few paragraph styles and some extra character styles.

All OK to begin with, but then I found one style would 'grab' another and they became corrupted with unwanted extra character attributes.

Strangely, on the Styles Edit page, the style information was showing as correct. 

The paragraph style seemed to be acquiring an additional character style and was shown as e.g. Body text ¶ + demi bold itals. Text style update doesn't work to correct this.

(I would also observe that the base styles group do not act as proper base styles as it is necessary to put in all the basic font information again.)

Any suggestions for how to avoid this corruption where a style acquires another style? 

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12 hours ago, greiggy said:

Text style update

The "Update ... Style" buttons update the text style to match the selected paragraph, rather than reverting the text to match the style(s) that are assigned to it (at any given time the text can have a paragraph style and possibly an additional character style assigned).  To match the selected text to the style(s) assigned to it, you want to reset formatting instead (that is the circled T).

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