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Hi! First ... I apologize for my bad English.

Well ... I'm a big enthusiast of Afinnity Design ... But ... Lately I've been having problems with SVG exported. Nowadays to have a light website it is necessary to use SVG instead of PNG. Of course! My clients pay me to have a beautiful and super light website. The big problem is the way Affinity writes its output XML / SVG code. It is slightly larger than the Illustrator code (more significantly if you think of an entire site with many SVGs. The sum of all SVGs makes a big impact on the final upload performance of the site). The worst are the Strokes. When you have an icon for example drawn only with strokes it gets overly heavy. And it got a little worse on Affinity 1.7. The same icon made in Affinty has 99.4k while in Illustrator has 2.49k. For graphic designers this is irrelevant but for a webdesigner or UX / UI designers it is essential! The tamnhao in KB of SVG is VERY important. Open the files I've attached to the notepad and see the difference between the codes generated by Affinity and Illustrator. Please correct this problem! I hate working in Illustrator! It's heavy, horrible interface! Late software with style 10 years ago ... But I'll be forced to go back to it if Affinity does not give me the chance that my files will be light because that's what I need to offer my clients.

Thank you!




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