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When in the layer effects window, I'm surprised that I can't tab from one field to the next. First, pressing tab does nothing, then pressing it again highlights the Opacity field. I would expect pressing tab to highlight the first field at the top of the window and then each successive tab would go down through the fields. This doesn't happen, so I have to manually click into each field which slows things down.

Not sure if this is a bug but if not then it's a feature request. It might even be in other places as well and even in the other apps.

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Actually I'm finding more places where the main field should be highlighted by default. For instance, Feather, Grow/Shrink and the like. When you choose that command from the menu, the window pops up but you can't just immediately type in the number. You have to press the TAB key first to select the field and then you can type the number. Using the slider bar will usually not be an option for me as I find it too precise, working in .1 increments, so typing in a number is generally better.

I should just be able to go Feather > press # > press Return and I'm done.

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