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Affinity Photo Workbook: When is next reprinting?

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I'd like to buy this, but it's been out for a while, and I would love a reference that covers all the newest materials (for example, there's never been any documentation added concerning "Clipped Tones" toggle button).


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Thanks so much. I do understand Clipped Highlights and Shadows, which to me were pretty standard concepts for all digital photography, but Clipped MidTones isn't a commonplace concept (at least for me), and I didn't feel it had been sufficiently addressed in either the published docs or the forums, other than a vague description which doesn't really make sense. 

If the book is still almost 100% relevant, it could be good, but I wish I new if it was being updated in a few months, as I'd rather lose the sale price but gain more current feature inclusion.  Thanks though.

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