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All Affinity Apps -- in Mac OS X Mojave docs don't reopen with the apps

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I posted this in 

And so far not a word from any one from Affinity, so I'm posting it here, hopefully it'll get some attention. Basically in ALL Affinity apps (Desiger, Photo and Publisher) I can have documents open, the preferences set to reopen documents and I close down the app. When I start the app back up, there's no documents opened. This happened with the 1.7 release of Designer and Photo. Other apps on my Mac opens with the documents that I was working on in the previous section, so I can definitively state that this is a Affinity issue. 

edit: the reopen documents works in Publisher and still won't in Designer and Photo. seems to me that the Publisher RC1 has corrected this issue. So it just needs to be corrected in Designer and Photo

Any help is appreciated.

2014 iMac, 3.5 Ghz Intel Core i7, Secondary Samsung SyncMaster B2430 display, 16GB RAM, MacOS10.12 || Magic keyboard w/numeric keypad, wireless trackpad, Kengsington Edge Trackball, Wacom Pro Large tablet || Flux Capacitor in a secure location


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