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Problem with dropper tool (color picker)

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Hi, I think there is a bug with the dropper tool (color picker tool):


1 - Create a new document

2 - Draw a rectangle

3 - Select a color from the panel of swatches to apply as a fill for the rectangle (for example, the second (orange) of the Colours palette, H: 21, S: 90, L: 50)

4 - Drag the dropper to the rectangle to take the fill color sample

5 - Click on the selected dropper color

... The color applied is different from the one originally in the rectangle (H: 13, S: 100, L: 50).


The same happens with the color wheel, the panel that is under the sliders, etc.

Also when comparing CMYK values, they are different too.

I'm using the version


EDIT: The same problem is present in Affinity Publisher (last version). In Affinity Photo it seems to work OK.

EDIT: I attach an image to clarify...


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I have noticed that if the color space is RGB (new / type: print), the problem occurs much less frequently than if the color space is CMYK (new / type: print press ready).
For example, in RGB, with the second color of the palette (orange) does not give problems, but with the fourth color, the problem occurs (yellow).
This way, the color picker is not accurate. Can someone confirm it?


EDIT: If I use the color space CMYK in Affinity Photo, the problems occurs too.

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I agree with you: something is off here... Initially I had tested the color picker with RGB and Lab documents. And in both cases it works fine. But it is different in a CMYK document. First I thought it is because HSL is defined in reference to the RGB color space (and therefore misleading in CMYK enviroments). But even if I switch to the CMYK sliders instead of the color wheel something is wrong. One example: I created a rectangle in a CMYK document and set it to 61-0-65-0 (using the color bar beneath the sliders). But the picker tool read 87-0-42-0 - although nothing changed visually.

So I stand corrected: There is most probably a bug hidden in the system...

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Thanks VolkerMB.

I was already thinking that it would be a problem of my configuration or video card, monitor, etc. But it seems to be a bug present in the three all apps: Designer, Photo and Publisher.

Thanks for checking it.

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