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  1. When loading generative artwork - Affinity Designer slows down to unbearable levels even with relatively easy meshes This problem seems to exist on all platforms affinity runs on - which leads me to believe basic acceleration structures are not in place. Example file: https://tilings.math.uni-bielefeld.de/img/substitution/danzers-7-fold/patch.pdf Import this, try select all/ungroup/do anything to it -> framerate down to 1fps even on the beefiest of workstations Same issue can be recreated by creating any shape and copying it about 100 times.
  2. Hi! In my previous more adobe-based workflow - I had a great system set up where I could generate front-panel graphics for our products using a bunch of scripts and SVG import pipelines. I would then manually touch them up and print them on to aluminium. Most of the SVGs dealing with fonts/texts are however broken when importing to affinity designer. Besides waiting for better SVG support - Is there a scriptable way of inserting texts/labels in to an affinity designer file?
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