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Conversion from one color profile to another

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I asked about this elsewhere on this forum, but I believe it's a bug.

GEAR: Affinity Photo for iPad v1.7.0 (but originally found on v1.6.12.86); iPad Pro 9.7”

ISSUE: My default RGB Profile is Adobe RGB for working with raw images. When I "Export” and then change the ICC Profile to “sRGB” the resulting JPEG keeps the Adobe RGB profile instead of sRGB.

Basically the bug seems to prevent conversion from one color profile to another. 

Possibly related to this is in the New Batch Job feature, selecting a color profile doesn't "stick". Can anyone else confirm? If this is not an actual bug, I'd like to know an effective workaround. Thanks!  :) 


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Thank you so much, @GabrielM! And thank goodness! I really thought the problem was ME. :7_sweat_smile::7_sweat_smile::7_sweat_smile:

This is such a basic one that I hope it sees a fix very soon. 

BTW for those following this, the workaround is simple. However, when working on a large group of images it can become tedious and time-consuming:

  1. tap the Document button
  2. choose "Convert Document"
  3. then upon "Export" leave the ICC Profile at "Use document profile"

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