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Problem with user-defined text styles and Edit > Defaults > Save

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  1. Create a new document.
  2. Define a new paragraph text style. I named mine body-break, and gave it a green highlight under Character Color and Decorations in its properties.
  3. Create a Text Frame, assign body-break as the paragraph style, create some text. Select the text.
  4. Edit > Defaults > Synchronize from Selection. This works fine. New Text Frames get that paragraph style assigned, and their text has a green highlight.
  5. Edit > Defaults > Save.
  6. Create another new document.
  7. Create a Text Frame. Problem: the Paragraph Style in the Context Toolbar is blank.
  8. Type some text. It has a green highlight, as it should.
  9. Note that In the Text Styles Panel, the top entry (active style) is shown as "body-break+", but in the list of Text Styles, "body-break" is not defined. This makes sense, as it is not a default text style. Yet enough was known about it to show it at the top of the Text Styles panel as the active Text Style. This is also a problem.
  10. Go back to the document from step 1. In the Text Styles panel, use the Hamburger Menu to "Save Styles as Default".
  11. Create another new document. Create a Text Frame.
  12. Note that the Context Toolbar shows "body-break" as the Paragraph Style, and "body-break" is in the list of Text Styles. Saving the text style as one of the default styles resolved both probems.

Screenshot from the document after step 9:


-- Walt

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