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Program hangs when saving

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Faced such an unpleasant moment. If you start exporting while working with an image and then (accidentally) press ctr+ s (save), the program hangs tight. The export cancel button is active, but clicking on it does not help. It is necessary to unload the program from memory completely. It turns out the export starts after clicking the save button and even though I did not start saving, some kind of conflict occurs. I watch repeatedly on two machines (windows 7 and windows 10)


Sorry for the bad translation



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I am on version, and cannot repeat this problem. Tried various scenarios, but it still works.

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4 hours ago, Dave Quail said:

Я на версии, и не может повторить эту проблему. Пробовал разные сценарии, но все равно работает.

On version, I was also able to repeat, although it began to seem like it would not work. 

The only differences between the hang appeared a pause and export animation appeared. But when the band reached the end, nothing but the cancel button is inaccessible. Again only complete unloading from the memory helped.

The steps are:
- export image
- to jpeg
- press start and immediately ctr+ s

I have come across this before, but rarely sooo rarely. And the day before, I had to export a lot and then close it and missed several times between the keys and voila)

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