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[By Design]Primary/Secondary colors madness

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There is something strange regarding primary/secondary colors management in AP. This really confusing and very common reason of redoing things... and this NEVER happen in Photoshop. Specifically some tools randomly change primary and secondary colors.

1) For example IF you select color in "COLOR" panel (just picking on gradients) and then select brush tool - your primary color... will be changed/swapped. Why? Who knows... Looks like a bug, there is no reason for changing primary color, specifically selected a second earlier

2) Same with selection. select brush tool, pick color, do some strokes. Primary color is the one you just picked. Then select area and choose "Fill with primary color" from menu... boom! You primary color changed and layer filled with something completely different because selection "SELECTION" tool switched colors! WTF, is this made specifically to ruin the work? ))

First screen before activating select tool. Second - after. Made in latest beta.





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Hi @IPv6,

I believe you are not using it right. They do not change. The colour from the bottom right (Pink in your case) is the primary colour. The colour on the top left (Green-cyan) is the secondary colour. Regardless of which one is selected/highlighted in the panel (image.pngor image.png) , the primary will always be Pink, and Secondary Green-cyan. When you have one selected, it is only selected to change its colour, and not its primary/secondary state. 

I have closed this as By design.



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