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Jhonatan S Silva

[Shortcut] Custom Quick Menu (Tap and hold) [TIME SAVER]

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Hi dev team! first of all, thank you to provide this space for us to give our suggestions.

well, I'm writing this topic because I'm 100% working with Affinity Designer on Ipad pro, I'd like to give an amazing feature suggestion.

What is it?
My suggestion would be about the User Experience while using the tools, for example,  adding a radial menu option to handle easily with a finger while using (games, 3d software and procreate are offering this options as well).

Following these images examples below, this saves a lot of time and makes the usage much more comfortable when you are working long hours,  switching the options like pen tool, geometries clip compounds, etc...

without going in each section to apply a function or change the tool, of course, this menu can be activated as an option for those that want to use, another example, the radial menu follows the Persona, like Vector Persona, it will follow tools for Vector persona, and so on with the Pixel Persona.

I hope I've been clear in this explanation.:) Well, thank you a lot for taking this into consideration, definitely,  I believe this will be a useful feature to see in the next future updates.

See you.

Jhonatan S Silva.





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Taking an advance of this Topic, Is there any possibility of transfer the menu of the Grid system as a Panel Studio to the right side bar?

also, I think the Menu at the top, have many great options that we often use all the time, and clicking all the time at the top to make little changes can be annoying in a long term use. 
this is why I came to bring the shortcut idea, to optimize the usability user experience in bring the options that we use all the time to closer and faster to apply.
some of Options that I use very often:

Insert Inside,

you guys can check my youtube videos to see what I mean by that,
A custom hotkey that allow us to select the options that we use always, would be very fast and awesome to deal, as example, like Procreate did in the image attached above.
is it something possible to develop in the next affinity versions?




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for a better UX using affinity designer on ipad I think that we could have some functions in a more easy way to reach, the top menu option still is a time consuming for repetitive uses.

we have already the long press toggle on the screen (shown in the img example)
would be nice to be able to custom this a bit, like for me, displaying the insert inside, or some else function that we use all the time..
in this video tutorial that I did recently we see how difficult is sometimes to set and switch between the tools





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