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When Placing RTF File, Character Styles For Language Don't Set Language

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When placing an RTF file into a text frame using File > Place, the character styles for a second/third/etc. language don't set the language.  The character styles themselves are imported, however they have no effect on the language set in Affinity Publisher.  The language set in Affinity Publisher remains in the default language (EN-UK).  

Initially I was thinking that perhaps RTF doesn't support languages in styles, however the character styles seem to work OK in LibreOffice—so presumably they're supported, although I'm not sure about RTF support for using paragraph styles for language (as they don't work in either Publisher or LibreOffice).





In the attached file 'Language Character Style.rtf': LibreOffice recognises the character styles and sets the language accordingly.  Affinity Publisher recognises the character styles, however doesn't set the language accordingly.

Language Character Style.rtf

In the attached file 'Language Paragraph Style.rtf': both LibreOffice and Affinity Publisher recognise the paragraph style, but neither set the language accordingly (possibly a limitation of the RTF file format?).

Language Paragraph Style.rtf


Windows 10 - 17763.379 (1809)
Affinity Publisher - (Beta)
LibreOffice - (x64)

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