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Crop tool. The default option is Unconstrained; if I choose a fixed ratio I can drag the box and also alter its size by dragging a corner, but if I inadvertently drag a side it reverts to unconstrained, which means cancelling the operation and starting again; it should remain constrained whatever you do.

Loading files. If I load a number of files at a time the file numbers appear along the top, but in random order rather than file order, and the one displayed is not the first. Additionally, using the black user interface it is hard to distinguish the “highlighted” file number from the rest.

Live filter layer. If I select New Live Filter Layer/Clarity(or others), the icon is attached to the side of the last adjustment layer used and will not work – it is necessary to drag the icon to a position above that layer for it to work – why not automatically place it above.

Cancelling a tool. If I use say the dodge brush tool and then go on to use a new adjustment layer, the dodge brush circle remains – I can get rid of it by selecting the hand. The crop tool has a cancel button, why not the other tools.

Beta version 1.7   I tried this version but because of several bugs I reverted to the stable version – I then found that images processed as aphoto in 1.7 were not backwards compatible  and I needed to re-process them. I think this should be pointed out on the beta load page.

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It sounds as though you’re choosing ‘Absolute Dimensions’ option for the Crop Tool, but in version 1.6 you need to choose ‘Custom Ratio’ if you want the aspect ratio to be maintained. As for the ‘Cancel’ button, that cancels the operation rather than the tool.

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