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  1. Looked at preferences again and allow unknowns was unticked - ticked it and the rest worked again - but not Color Efex.
  2. I have installed the free version of the NIK collection of presets in the latest non-beta windows version of Affinity, and it appears OK under Edit/Preferences/Photoshop Plugins. There are presets in the tone mapping persona but not the NIK collection; in the photo persona I tried Filters/Plugins/NIK Collection/Color Efex Pro 4 and each time I tried Affinity crashed (not responding) – how do I use them?
  3. I now only have two plugins available - Analog Rfex Pro 2 and Color Efex Pro 4 - and Coloe Efex Pro still crashes the program
  4. If I press ctrl whilst launching color efex pro nothing extra happens, I do not get a clear user data dialog, the hourglass appears and then the only way to get something to happen is left click on the screen, which results in a crash. Allow unknown plugins is checked, but this plugin is marked as working, not unknown. My version is as yours - It is odd that all of the others work, including the "unknowns"
  5. Thank you. I have attached a screenshot as requested. All of the different plugin “programs” shown in the screenshot are listed under filters/ plugins/NIK collection They all work except Color Efex Pro 4, which unfortunately happened to be the only one I previously tried each time. When I click on that one I get an hour glass which displays forevever – it is when I click on the hourglass that the Affinity program crashes as not responding and I have to close it. Should Color Efex work?
  6. Crop tool. The default option is Unconstrained; if I choose a fixed ratio I can drag the box and also alter its size by dragging a corner, but if I inadvertently drag a side it reverts to unconstrained, which means cancelling the operation and starting again; it should remain constrained whatever you do. Loading files. If I load a number of files at a time the file numbers appear along the top, but in random order rather than file order, and the one displayed is not the first. Additionally, using the black user interface it is hard to distinguish the “highlighted” file number from the rest. Live filter layer. If I select New Live Filter Layer/Clarity(or others), the icon is attached to the side of the last adjustment layer used and will not work – it is necessary to drag the icon to a position above that layer for it to work – why not automatically place it above. Cancelling a tool. If I use say the dodge brush tool and then go on to use a new adjustment layer, the dodge brush circle remains – I can get rid of it by selecting the hand. The crop tool has a cancel button, why not the other tools. Beta version 1.7 I tried this version but because of several bugs I reverted to the stable version – I then found that images processed as aphoto in 1.7 were not backwards compatible and I needed to re-process them. I think this should be pointed out on the beta load page.
  7. I have installed the new beta and ran a speed check, comparing it with the current version I loaded a RAW (CR2 format) file of 27.5 Mb; the current version took 20 secs and the new beta 22 secs. I then immediately (without any processing) "developed" in each version - the "stable" version took 15 secs and the beta 1 min 22 secs, with almost all of that time without any sign of activity. I repeated the beta test with the same result. Saving the resulting jpeg in afphoto format and exporting as a jpeg gave virtually equal timings.
  8. Photoshop has an adjustment brush to enable selective tweaks - what is the Affinity equivalent?
  9. I have been using the new beta but decided to revert to (current non-beta update). I tried to open an aphoto file in that I had produced in the new beta 1.7 but it would not open - message not compatible with this version; I had to re-process the image. Is this a bug or intentional?
  10. mike21

    Slow develop speed

    My computer has just been upgraded from 4 Gb RAM, two core 3.2 GHz processor and an SSD to 8 Gb RAM and a quad core 2.83 processor - the most the motherboard will take (7 years old). Speeds are remarkably faster, Load time of a 27.5 Mb CR2 file (Canon 750 D) for ver 1.65 has dropped from 20 secs to 12 secs, and beta ver 1.7 from 22 secs to 12 secs. Time to develop for 1.65 has dropped from 15 secs to 9 secs and the beta version dropped massively from 1 min 20 secs to 9 secs. Times for other operations are generally slightly faster than previously for both versions, but they were quite quick anyway.
  11. mike21

    Slow develop speed

    My desktop computer is 7 years old. 4 Gb RAM, SSD, 2 core 3.2 GHz processor, 2 Gb video card. I have just tried again with the same CR2 file - time to load 27 seconds, time to develop 1.min 20 seconds, including 25 seconds before the develop moving bar appeared. With the non-beta version straight after, time to load was 23 seconds, time to develop 39 seconds, with the develop bar appearing immediately.
  12. Thank you - I will go through the list
  13. I have successfully installed the free legacy version of the NIK plug-ins collection, but have had no success with others - are there any other free plug-ins that work with Affinity?
  14. When using edit/fill for a selection in Photoshop there is a facility called content aware - does it exist in Affinity, maybe under some other name or different menu.
  15. Thank you - it works well
  16. Affinity runs slowly on my 5 year old computer with a 3.2GHz 2 core processor. The slot will take a 4 core 2.83GHz processor. All of my software except Affinity is old so would presumably run around 10% slower with a quad core processor but would Affinity run significantly faster with double the number of cores.
  17. Thanks. What sort of percentage improvement in say developing raw image with double the number of cores time be - would it offset the 10% speed reduction of older programs due to its 10% lower clock speed.
  18. I have installed ON1 Effects 2018 on my Windows desktop - it has recognised Adobe Elements but no mention of Affinity. How do I get it to work, and maybe other plugins.
  19. Sorry - I had not noticed the cross, will look to try one that is compatible
  20. Thanks - I see that ON1 Effects 2017 is supported - the listing refers to Affinity 1.5, so quite old - so by now I would expect Effects 2018 to be supported also. I have bookmarked to page for future reference.
  21. Photo magazines always use Photoshop or Lightroom when illustrating techniques. Most of the terms have obvious equivalents in Affinity but a lot do not, for instance Adjustment Brush - is there a "conversion" list that can be downloaded?
  22. I have just installed the latest beta to replace the previous version and, when using the flood select tool I keep getting a "not responding", and then coming back. I want to revert to the non-beta version but how do I download it without paying again. I did not have this problem with the previous beta version.
  23. Thank you. I have uninstalled the problem beta and found a February version of the stable program, installed that and then I was able to upgrade to the latest version.