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Problems with transparency and rasterizing

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im having constant problems with affinity rasterizing the documents on export or "some areas will be approximated". And with errors.

Design, just curves.
vejir_template.afdesign  - afdesign file
vejire-final.pdf - with "raster unsupported" - almost everything is rasterized
vejire-final-noraster.pdf - with rasterize "nothing" selected
settings.jpg - all export settings
test.jpg - error even in rasterized output.

Any thoughts? Am i doing something wrong?

problem is, when i make graphics with some photos inside, i would like to use "raster unsupported" instead having all rasterized.








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more into this problem - it happens to me from time to time, that if i make changes to a preset, next time im exporting, it offers export based on preset with changed values, but when i select file for export to, then i get error (same error as if i have the file open and its impossible to write it to, but this time its not the case).

Workaround is select from the preset again and again make custom changes. 


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Hi grapher,

Is this just an issue for you in the 1.7 betas? There is currently a known issue that objects on an artboard are being rasterised when exporting to PDF. If you remove the artboards and then export they will go out as vectors.

This is currently being investigated by development.

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hmm.. how to export then multiple parts of the artwork? :) forexample - if you have one big pop up wall, lets say 10m x 2m and need to export 80cm stripes for print? its exactly the problem im facing now :( 

to be honest, i dont know if it is present in 1.6

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