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Video in Publisher this is a must-have! 2 become a true #DigiMag "Digital Magazine."
For Publisher to become professional interactive layout tool for digital magazines and presentations and hope to unseat Adobe InDesign.
I need to place video into Publisher as a digital magazine, presentation.
By embedding or attaching to make it's interactive, 
And publish as a working PDF.

Rollovers, Interactive pop-up  videos, digital publication embedded URL's this is with need, it to make a true #DigMag  https://ello.co/drzigzag
To be next evolution up publishing the Internet audio, video, animation, rollovers, and many other things to come.
I think Affinity can lead to the new Generation publication.
In the file below all the balloons, I will like to have as rollovers with animated sounds Voice to bring my #DigiMag 2 life.



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Right now APub is focused more on finalizing the dead tree portion of the program.  I am very excited to see the next step into digital.  Hyper-links, Epub, as well as most of your suggestions.  It is a process. I suggest you become a master of the current version and by then you will be up and running for version 2!   I am thrilled that we got this much early than have to wait for the final.

Happy Publishing.

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I can't agree more on this issue.  I'm disapointed that this isn't to be included in version 1.  I'm not sure that it is sufficient to say that software is being sold to practice on until version 2 is released.  I am a long term Serif supporter and remain so, but I do believe that it is most important to recognise what customers want to produce and give us the tools to create it.  The modern world is into e-publishing and the tools for incorporating some form of motion/video graphics are, I imagine, a fairly standard requirement these days.  It shouldn't be necessary to load pages created in Affinity into free software in order to add such features in documents. The same goes for being able to save in epub and html formats.  I might be wrong, but weren't all these features available in pre-Affinity Serif software as they were developed to meet recognised evolving demands?   

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Hi guys, I'm not sure if this is helpful but I found a work-around by inserting a hyperlink text box below a thumbnail or DIY button. This text can be transparent or match the background colour. I would love a button function though! (I presume it doesn't exist yet?)

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