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  1. Feathering on this version of Photo isn't functioning the way I would expect. In fact it doesn't seem to function at all above a few pixels. I have tried all ways that I know to change the feathering using the paintbrush, eraser and selection tools. Can't help feeling that I am missing something since nobody else seems to have logged this problem, though I am far from new to the software and haven't had any difficulty before. John D
  2. Though the .pdf format can be used for publishing e-books, my understanding is that it has limitations for this purpose. I would expect that many, if not most people want to publish e-books these days, or create web pages rather than create files for printing. That's not to suggest that the printed page is no longer important. I just don't understand why other epublishing formats and HTML have been ignored with Affinity Publisher, especially as they were available in Page Plus. In this respect it's as if with Affinity Serif has taken a step back. When free and low cost software offer a wider range of export formats, is it unreasonable to hope that Serif will address this issue while still developing version 1 of publisher, or am I just missing the point?
  3. I can't agree more on this issue. I'm disapointed that this isn't to be included in version 1. I'm not sure that it is sufficient to say that software is being sold to practice on until version 2 is released. I am a long term Serif supporter and remain so, but I do believe that it is most important to recognise what customers want to produce and give us the tools to create it. The modern world is into e-publishing and the tools for incorporating some form of motion/video graphics are, I imagine, a fairly standard requirement these days. It shouldn't be necessary to load pages created in Affinity into free software in order to add such features in documents. The same goes for being able to save in epub and html formats. I might be wrong, but weren't all these features available in pre-Affinity Serif software as they were developed to meet recognised evolving demands?
  4. I'm also disappointed at this reduction of functionality when switching between the main personas of publisher/designer/photo. Why wouldn't you want the full range of functions readily available in each persona? Both Photo and Designer seem to lack their own, specific and significant range of personas when accessed in this way. Using the 'Edit in' method works ok, but it doesn't give the smooth switch promised by installing the suite of programs. I can't see that moving into each persona with its own range of functions is going to clutter the screen any more than working with each program as a standalone. I also suggest that it would be an advantage for users if the help file was specific to the persona you are in when working with the 'publisher suite' - it doesn't matter what persona you are in you only get 'publisher help' . To get help on Photo and Designer it seems that you have to load the standalone versions to access their help file, or refer to a downloaded manual with both methods detracting from a smooth workflow. I wish this to be taken as constructive criticism, albeit strongly felt, as there is so much to appreciate in all three programs.
  5. Thanks for the reply mykee. I appreciate that this is correct advice in the circumstances. It's just that I have always used the menu bar for access to spelling options in word processors / desktop publishers and it seems an unusual feature to omit in a program which is likely to be used for text. I also still think that a thesaurus would be very helpful.
  6. Many thanks to both of you for the advice - my apologies for not appreciating what you were saying in the first place dutchshader. No problem now.
  7. Hi Dutchshader. Thanks for the reply and appreciate the advice. What I hadn't made clear was that I wanted to keep the guidelines on so that I can size the text frame to them. Hence it is frustrating when the frame tool switches to the guideline tool as I approach the guideline.
  8. I don't see how I can get the spell checking options onto the toolbar. Is there any intention to include a thesaurus - personally find such a facility extremely useful when working with text.
  9. The text frame tool switches to the guide line tool as it approaches a guide line. I can click out of the text frame and use the handles to resize the frame to fit the desired area within the guidelines, but I find it slightly irritating that I can't just create the text frame to the exact size I want without doing this.
  10. I am having problems downloading the 1.6.5 Windows update as my security software is blocking the website being used for the update and will not allow me to authorise it. Looking at the website address I suspect that this is not unreasonable - I can't even highlight the whole address to copy it. Please advise me as to whether the problem lies with the address or my security software. Cropped screen capture of blocking message attached
  11. Running Windows 10. The program looks very good indeed apart from regularly crashing. Generally the detected file-in progress recovery following Affinity re-start saves the day, though not always. I have found stability to be a general problem with Affinity Photo at the moment, but particularly noticeable when working with selections. Once resolved the program promises to be brilliant. It may also be worth noting that my initial loading of the paid-for version of the program was very disappointing, but the problem seemed to be related to having the Beta version already installed, which the new installation didn't detect. Having uninstalled both versions, and re-installed the paid-for version, it worked much better, just still crashing a little too regularly for comfort at present.
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