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  1. Thanks Alfred - hardly a day goes by when I don't learn something new from this forum.
  2. I had more or less given up using the inpainting method of filling corners of rotated images, it just didn't work very well. But Dave's macro is brilliant - thanks. Just one small point, I had trouble getting Affinity to load the macro until I noticed the file extension was set to ".afmacros" instead of ".afmacro". Renamed it and all was well.
  3. pastorbradm You don't say what software you are using for your publications - Word perhaps? I produce a weekly 'pew sheet' and a quarterly 24 page magazine for my local church and I find Serif's legacy program 'Page Plus X9' - currently selling for £19.99 from Serif online, to be ideal for this. One reason is that most of my non-photo graphics can be originated within PPX9 itself and I've just switched from Photoshop Elements to the brilliant Affinity Photo now for editing and manipulating pictures.