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    Problem with text frames

    Hi Chris Thanks for your reply - as you say, the settings in the text frame box are unlikely to be accidental - I don't think I'd even discovered the text frame box at that stage. Would the settings you have shown have explained the clipped text? Although I had experienced the problem two or three times before my post and once since, it has not occurred since the current version and possibly not with the one before that. If it does happen again I will send the file. Thanks again - I am really enjoying using Publisher and am looking forward to ver 1. Jeff W
  2. Windows 10 v 1803 I have experienced an occasional problem with text frames. In addition to the standard frame, a secondary frame appears to the right and below the original. The text in the frame is clipped by the original frame. See example below. This clipping is carried forward when the document is exported to pdf. The frame's inner margins are set to zero. I'm not able to reproduce this effect at will but it occasionally happens spontaneously some time after the frame's creation and it has occurred with both linked and unlinked frames. I've not found a way to correct it other than by drawing a new frame and copying the text.
  3. Jeff Wallis

    Impainting Fill

    Thanks Alfred - hardly a day goes by when I don't learn something new from this forum.
  4. Jeff Wallis

    Impainting Fill

    I had more or less given up using the inpainting method of filling corners of rotated images, it just didn't work very well. But Dave's macro is brilliant - thanks. Just one small point, I had trouble getting Affinity to load the macro until I noticed the file extension was set to ".afmacros" instead of ".afmacro". Renamed it and all was well.
  5. pastorbradm You don't say what software you are using for your publications - Word perhaps? I produce a weekly 'pew sheet' and a quarterly 24 page magazine for my local church and I find Serif's legacy program 'Page Plus X9' - currently selling for £19.99 from Serif online, to be ideal for this. One reason is that most of my non-photo graphics can be originated within PPX9 itself and I've just switched from Photoshop Elements to the brilliant Affinity Photo now for editing and manipulating pictures.

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