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The final version of Affinity Designer 1.7

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I hope that before the final issue of 1.7 Serif will make the spills in Affinity Designer work properly in Artboards, the guides will be able to pull out the lines using other tools, not just arrows, and the keyboard shortcuts from version 1.6 should work correctly (and unfortunately not works in version 1.7), not to mention the ends of the line (where these arrows?)

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Hi Grafkom,

Could you give us a bit more information about the problems you are having please?

  1. What do you mean regarding spills on Artboards?
  2. Do you mean pull guides out from the ruler with other tools other than just the Move Tool?
  3. Is this in reference to 1.7 not recognising your keyboard shortcuts? If so this is because they don't share the same application data - this is to avoid any changes in the beta breaking things in the non beta build.
  4. I presume you mean the Line Ends feature?

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Hi Sean P

1. After creating workspaces, items placed in bleeds are not displayed, even though the bleeds are running. (photo 4).
However, when a new document is drawn, although the bleed option is selected, the elements are also not visible at the bleed location. You have to enter the View in the menu, deselect Show Bleed and check Show Bleed again, and then you will only see the elements in the place of the bleed. (Foto3).
At Affinity Publisher, the bleeding works well.
2. Exactly Yes. 


3. Keyboard shortcuts from version 1.6 Beta do not work in version 1.7 Beta.
4. Exactly Yes.







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Hi Grafkom,

The Bleed area and Ruler Guides (Points 1 and 2) are already with development to be fixed.

Regarding the shortcuts problem I need a bit more information - how are you moving your shortcuts from 1.6 into 1.7? Or is it that you're setting them in 1.6 and 1.7 is not detecting them? If this is the case then as I mentioned above this will not work between 1.6 retail and 1.7 beta. However when 1.7 is released to the app store it will correctly pull in your shortcuts.

Lastly Line Ends is something that is currently being worked on by development, so hopefully it is something we may see not too far away!


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