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Finer Control of Text/Picture Frames on Master Pages

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It's a tremendous step forward to have text frames in master pages.

However, I would prefer a finer control of each text frame in master pages.

Instead of switching to the page view to change their behaviour (Edit Detached, Edit Linked, Edit Frame Content, Lock) I would prefer to set these options on an individual text frame on master pages. These controls, in fact, could/should be moved to the Text Frame Studio. This would allow us to have finer control over each text frame.

When designing Master pages we more or less know which frames can be locked, linked or detached, etc.

This would afford us great flexibility and mimic QXP or inDesign behaviour or something in between.

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Personally I like it the way it is, so I would suggest instead that the four existing options be added to the context menus for the layers inside a master page, along with a fifth option to use the setting from the master (which would be the default).

That way the current options would continue to work as-is, and you could override them on a per-object basis if you see the need.

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