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Hand Painted Textures

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Sorry, a bit in a hurry, lately, will reply in large later... If it is for a tileable texture, you can't make things too characteristic... be it water or stones...those, when I've done 3d or 2d games, are better added later on as an alpha texture, or a shader of some kind.... it depends on your workflow, of course. (ie, this is not a game, is mere 3D rendering for making a comic, a complex approach, but seen more strange things done... ;)  

Only one fast thing about the tablets... 400 euros is reaaaally expensive if it last 1 year . Even 2 years, compared to maybe 11 of the cintiq... I have 4 wacoms at home.... 1 is scratched because at a game company, the guys started to through things savagely in the middle of a game.... another, because the pen did fall over its tip since a very crazy height. That's it, in all respects, they keep working. One is the WACOM 1 A4 size.........  XD 

Cintiq 16, I am only avoiding its purchase because (besides that I'm a cheap bastard that loves to use old hardware till the last bits of strength it has) I do know I can only be happy with a 22+....

Here's some idea... if you find on inet someone (and doesn't look fake) who posted somewhere that has been with an XP-PEN 7 years, no degradation on the device... that would be an argument against this Cintiq new cheapo line....

If Wacom releases a 22 in this cheapo line, and is around the alternatives' max price (800 - 900 euros) for sure they will have my money. No doubts. Heck, for the price is a good monitor (my NEC spectraview costed me 1200 with some weird shipping extras) even if, like me, I'd use a display-tablet only some hours of the day, as I can't stand longer (body ergonomics/eyesight), my XL is not going anywhere, that's for sure. I know, you could say this about the alternatives (even more the case, as that XP has in paper much better specs than the cintiq cheapo line! )... But having a XL, Small, Graphire, and Wacom 1, I know how RELIABLE and solid are this brand's devices... till now it was the price issue, but....

Affinity Designer and Affinity Photo licenses, Windows 7, i7  860 (2009) 2.8 GHz,  8 GB RAM, GTX 1050 2 GB, HD 7200 RPM.  Wacom Intuos 4 XL.

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On 1/18/2019 at 7:08 AM, Renzatic said:

Learning how to do hand painted textures is something I've been wanting to do for a long, long while now. I like the style, I like the look, I think it's quite neat. Thing is, I've always put off trying it out for myself because I know next to nothing about digital painting. I know quite about about manipulating photos to make textures, and a goodly bit about modeling them in a 3D editor, but painted textures are something I figured would always be just out of my reach.

Then I realized that the only reason why I don't know how to do it is because I've never tried it. That the only thing between me and success is a good bit of practice.

So here I am. Last Thursday, I decided to do one texture a day for the next month to see how I take to it. I've crammed a few hours of tutorials on Youtube, inspected other people's works, and just studied the hell out of it. Minus some stumbles here and there, I can already see a slight improvement just after a week with it. It started out with my admitted janky first texture, and has come to today, with a grass texture that's actually surprisingly good.

This thread will act as my diary, detailing my journey from totes noobis, to maybe hopefully pretty decent. If anyone wants to add or critique what I've done, feel more than free. I'm always up for some tips, tricks, and a bit of harsh, but honest criticism. 

(FYI, these images are scaled down from their original size)

Day 1. My first attempt. It is, like I said, kinda janky. To my credit, at least you can tell what it is.


Day 2. Another stone floor. Probably the one texture I spent the longest time with. Trying to get the shading just right.


Day 3. A wood floor. This one was, eh...okay. It's a little flat and plain, kinda rough, but hey. Just my third day.


Day 4. Wooden roof shingles. This is where I felt like I was starting to get a slight feel for things. It's still pretty sloppy, and you can see a few areas where I guffed up, but it's not bad.


Day 5. Stone tiles. My least favorite of the bunch, and the one I spent the least amount of effort on, truth be told. I tried to do something in a celshaded style. Ended up just looking bland.


Day 6. My 2nd attempt at a wood floor. It's certainly better than my first, with some actual texture and depth to it.


Day 7. Grass. Dunno if I'm improving, or if the stars happened to align just right on this one. It's the first texture I've done that I'd consider actually decent. Though if you look at it closely, you can see how I cheated things a bit.


And there you have it. My work so far. From here on out, I'll be posting one a day. Like I said, if anyone here wants to throw in their 2 cents, you're more than welcome. :D

Lovinng the grass effect

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