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Place pdf in Publisher is buggy!

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You will have to be more specific about what is buggy. Both documents look similar. I don't have the Bravura music font nor the Academico font on my system, so none of them are specially pretty. If you are having a font issue, try to use a pdf where texts are converted to curves, until they fix the import and rendering of embedded fonts in Publisher (known issue).

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HI musi003

As vonBusing suggests can you provide more detail into exactly what is buggy? The embedded document in both those files seems the same but those two documents have been treated in different ways. 

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thank you for your replies.

Both files look similar on the first sight, but there are rather big differences. Look at the attached screenshots which I took from the Designer file and the Publisher file, too. One example is bar number 12 in Designer (blue arrow): here the lyrics are complete. The same place in Publisher Black arrow: the lyrics are not complete, completly disturbed in the bars 9-12, the same in bar numbers 29-32. Very curious! In both application I placed the identic pdf with shift-cmd-M.

Regards, Wolfgang

Bildschirmfoto 2019-01-18 um 23.01.38.png

Bildschirmfoto 2019-01-18 um 23.04.45.png

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