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  1. Hi, I don't find the option for choosing a selected page of a pdf with more than one page when I want to place it into Publisher. I just can place the first page of the pdf. Would be fine to get a dialogue for choosing the pages. Regards, Wolfgang
  2. musi003

    Place pdf in Publisher is buggy!

    Hi, thank you for your replies. Both files look similar on the first sight, but there are rather big differences. Look at the attached screenshots which I took from the Designer file and the Publisher file, too. One example is bar number 12 in Designer (blue arrow): here the lyrics are complete. The same place in Publisher Black arrow: the lyrics are not complete, completly disturbed in the bars 9-12, the same in bar numbers 29-32. Very curious! In both application I placed the identic pdf with shift-cmd-M. Regards, Wolfgang
  3. Hi, I imported a pdf into Publisher with a big bug. Importing the same pdf in designer is perfect! Have a look, please at the attached files. Thanks, Wolfgang Freude Designer.afdesign Freude Publisher.afpub
  4. Hi, I cannot find the option for visible (unvisible in preview) hairlines of all the boarders in tables. Would be very helpful! This is working as expected with text frames. Regards Wolfgang
  5. Installation of the Download beta was in German! I deinstalled it completely, then restarted it and it was back in German. But after another crash the german localization was lost again... just another question. I created a masterpage with a text frame, applied this to a page. But I cannot put text into this frame!
  6. Hi, after crashing Affinity Publisher, there is the german Localization lost. Language is in english. How can I get this back? Regards Wolfgang