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I have a photo that's about square. I would like to stretch it way out so its about 8 x 1 proportions. Given the original, I would like to more or less take the right most 1/10th and replicate it over and over until the photo is eight times as wide as it is tall. I thought content aware fill would do it, but it seems to take the whole original and kind of replicate it 7 times. I think there must be an easy way to do this but cant figure it out... Help?

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Very hard to say without seeing an exact example but one method is to select one edge and draw it out


Make the canvas wider, based from one edge 



Make a pixel selection of the edge of the image


and use the Move Tool to stretch the selection out


You will probably have to clean it up quite a bit.

The other alternative is to make the canvas bigger, then just copy and paste loads of times.

Windows PCs. Photo and Designer, latest non-beta versions.

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I used the Clone tool for the background of the extended canvas, applied a lens blur.


Affinity Photo, Beta; Win10 Home 1803: Intel i7-4770, 3.40GHz, 16GB Ram, Nvidia GTX 645 

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