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  1. It does! I misunderstood that setting. I thought it was a toggle between separated and "gather all windows"! So "gather all windows" didn't do anything. Thanks!!
  2. The different windows and panels are not aligned nicely when I initially run AP. "Merge All Windows" doesn't seem to do anything. Studio/Reset studio also doesn't seem to clean up the displays. What am I doing wrong?
  3. Wow it works quite well! I had to do it in smaller steps but then for some reason the inpaint started giving me areas with transparent pixels. Do you know why?
  4. I have an illustration from the web which has a simple multi color background. It is around 2x4 in proportion. I would like to make it a banner with around 40x4 proportion, that is, much much wider. I would like the new part of the canvas to be a seamless continuation of the background. It could be blurred or transitioned or anything else as long as it looks good. I am attaching a sample. How would i do that?
  5. Wow, thanks! And what a nicely rendered answer
  6. I have a photo that's about square. I would like to stretch it way out so its about 8 x 1 proportions. Given the original, I would like to more or less take the right most 1/10th and replicate it over and over until the photo is eight times as wide as it is tall. I thought content aware fill would do it, but it seems to take the whole original and kind of replicate it 7 times. I think there must be an easy way to do this but cant figure it out... Help?
  7. I dropped a jpg onto an image that I am working on. I want to resize it. I used the mouse and that worked. But now I want to maintain the proportions. Shift-Drag doesn't seem to work. How do I do it?

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