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Lots of people request to have quick action tools added to the standard interface. 

Requests like this:
"The alignments tools are too deeply buried in the transform pallet" 
"It takes too many taps to expand the stroke"
"I want undo/redo in a better place"
"It would be great to have a quick duplicate button so i don't have to go into a menu"
"Can we put Combine into the tool bar because i use it all the time"
"Nudge tools on-screen would be cool to have so i don't need a keyboard"
"Need a quicker way to re-order layers, maybe back forward buttons, K thanks!"
... the list goes on...

All of these requests could be fulfilled with a user editable tool bar in the empty space in the top bar (persona's could even be a pop out menu to save space).

The screenshot says it all. This would be the ultimate shortcut.


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