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Retain previous brush sizes when switching brushes

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I know this issue has been raised before, but there should be an option to retain previous brush sizes when switching to new brushes!!!!! If this will not be added soon please let me know so I can forget about this app for good. Every update fails to address this issue. So if it is not forthcoming just say so!!!!


Perhaps the brush sizes should not be tied to the specific brushes but the the user sets in the menu bar. At least add the option to lock the brushes sizes to that set by the  user in the menu bar.

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Hey bitviper, welcome to the Affinity Forums. 

I think adding the option to lock brush sizes would be a worthwhile improvement but at the moment the simple reason this happens is because you're picking an entirely different brush. I doubled check to see if we were doing something different to a few other apps and they all have the same behaviour (or at least on the surface). 

I'll pass the feedback to the developers but this is a feature request and not a bug so I can't say how soon this might get looked at.

Thanks for posting.

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