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Vintage Poster.. input, not finished..

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Hi all, trying to work on a new vintage look poster for a friend, but I’m getting a little lost.. been working on it for a while, and done a lot of changes, and starting to be a little blind.. 


would love to get some feedback on what’s good, and what’s not.. too little, too much, in your opinion :-) 

the tezt will probably change color and get some shading too. 


i have some ideas, but.. 


Don’t  pay attention about the bottom part, with the transparent banners, they will be changed and redesigned.. just put there for a test.. :-) 

Both fonts is designed by me.. wasn’t quite sure which one to use.. anyway, if you have some input, would be interesting to hear? :-) 


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They're both great.
I guess the colour scheme would depend on where it was going to be displayed but they both look really nice.
If I absolutely had to pick a favourite it would have to be the first one because of the images used and the lovely scrollwork but I would happily be the recipient of either.

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Thanks for your reply @GarryP

the images in the last post, where only for my self.. work in progress, till I found better pictures, like in the dark one. :-) 

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Hi @Simon Degay, I have these brushes, and I used them on the test, two pictures up.. but I think they are too rough and not so very useful. They even have some bugs, and if you make a high resolution, I don't think they look too good.. but then again, they are not very expensive, but not sure I would buy them again.. if I knew :-) 

For the poster (last result) I made my own brushes. Not trying to brag, but I think they look a lot better and are more useful.. :.-) 

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Thanks @Simon Degay I have thought about it, but I’m not a Designer by profession, and my time to work with these things (what I really want to do) is very limited.. but hopefully I’ll be able to one day :-) I usually have to sneak in some time in my workshop, when wife and client think I’m actually working :-) 

But mostly I’d say it’s looking and studying old designs. Look at how they are built up, how they use the lines, shadowing, ornaments and stuff.. 

every nigh when going to bed, I search for inspiration.. 

But as soon as I get the chance I’ll look into a tutorial video :-) But I’m not going to say anything.. hate hearing my own voice. 

Anyway, I made another little piece today.. thinking to start a Behance project, for the vector assets I make.. :-) 



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